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  1. Motion Display

    I have read all of the topics and still a little bit confused. I have used other HMI's but a little lost with Omron's HMI. I am using a NS12-TS01B-V2, ver. 4.10 with ethernet to Omron PLC. I would like to show a fan on my Automatic screen and when I start the system up (Auto Mode) I want the Fan's blades to rotate. I understand putting the Pulse button outside of the screen, but I am lost on the Fan picture. Does Omron not offer a Fan in an object library that I can use? I don't quite understand putting the bitmaps in a text format. Can someone point my in the right direction because I'm lost like last year's Easter Egg.
  2. Mitsubishi

    Thank you, that worked a whole lot easier than having 3 lines of code.
  3. Mitsubishi

    Q02HCPU GX Dev. 8.32J version Registers Spare Registers D100 D300 D101 D301 D102 D302 D103 I want to know if there is an easier way to add 4 registers and divide the sum by 4 to get an average. I know that I can [+ D100 D101 D300] , then [+ D102 D300 D301] , [+ D103 D301 D302] , and then [/ D302 K4 D110] , which this will give me what I want, but I didn't know if you coul add all the values and divide in some sort of expression. AB will let you ( (D100+D101+D102+D103) / 4 ), so I was wondering if there is an easier way with Mitsu.?
  4. Word issue

    I think i figured it out, I need to put a 1 into D101, and then move D101 into an empty 16 bit M word. then I can monitor the M bits.
  5. Word issue

    I am having trouble try to access the individual bits in word D101. What I want to do is move a 1 into D101.1 and then when I recieve an index signal I want to transfer the 1 to D101.2, and so forth all the way up to bit 12 or D101.C. Then on I need to a way to say if D101.4 is equal to 1, start cycle. I can figure out how to move a 1 into D101.1, but I can't get the equal statement.
  6. ControlLogix msg to PLC 5

    I got it guys, just took alittle hair pulling. I figured out the Path: has to go all the way up to where the DHRIO is located and then under Communication Method is where the path continues on. Thanx for all the advice and help. She is ENing and DNing all day long, look at her go! LocalENB, 2,, 1, 1 CHANNEL 'A' SOURCE LINK 99 DEST. LINK 1 DEST. NODE 21
  7. ControlLogix msg to PLC 5

    As you can see from the uploaded image, that IP has multiple processors under the TCP Bridge. If i get rid of the 1, 21, do i need to use DH+ and fill in those settings?
  8. ControlLogix msg to PLC 5

    I don't believe I have my MSG setup correctly. Right now my Read MSG in the CLX is Path=LocalENB, 2,, 1, 21 CIP I tried DH+ but have had no success either. i have attached a print screen of what my RSLinx looks like, along with the PLC 5 Controller properties information.
  9. ControlLogix msg to PLC 5

    Contrologix to PLC-5 comms, Writing data from clgx to plc5 I read this post but it didn't go far enough for my issue. I have a PLC 5/40 rev. E and a L32E. I can see both processors on our network thru RSLinx Classic. The CLX has an ethernet IP Address and the PLC 5 is bridged thru TCP-1 Ethernet, but is communicating DH+ thru another backplane. Also, the CLX is on our 192.168 network and the TCP Bridge is using our 172.29 network. I have tried to setup the MSG information but am not recieving any bit transfers, I keep getting a connection failure. I have used MSG before but nothing like what I'm trying to do. Am what I am trying to do impossible?
  10. Mitsubishi comm. timeout

    Thank you for the info., but I have a project that I need to alter the A851, so I need an older laptop and put the software on to that?
  11. Mitsubishi comm. timeout

    I am trying to communicate to a A851GOT-SWD and I keep getting a timeout. In the GOT I have PC Comm. set to 38400 and I also have the correct GOT picked. I have changed my port settings on my laptop to 38400, 8, none, 1, none, but I keep getting a timeout. I have RSLogix turned off. The version of the GOT is 1.03. Does any one know if I need a straight thru cable or do I need to swap some pins around on the 9 pin connector. Also can I not talk thru the mitsubishi PLC? PLC is a A2S series. The software that I am trying to talk to the HMI s SW3N1W-A8GOTP, ver. 10M. Anyone have any suggestions or a comm. cable pinout? It is either the cable or the settings in my laptop.
  12. rs500

    Here is something simple to use for a pull logic. Lets say these will be your requests. It has been along day and I am at a different laptop but here is something to work with. I have used it for multiple welding gun applications which allows any gun to weld at any one time. This will allow any slot to be picked at anyone time. -N.O. b3:11/1---------------------------------add 1 n7:10 n7:10 -N.O. b3:10/0---------------------------------ote b3:11/1 -N.O. b3:10/1--| -N.O. b3:10/2--| etc.... -lim 11 n7:10 0-------------------------------mov 1 n7:10 -equ n7:10 1-----N.O.your bit---------------ote b3:10/0 goto & pick slot 1 -equ n7:10 2-----N.O.your bit---------------ote b3:10/1 goto & pick slot 2 etc.... Now all you have to do is add another condition to the GOTO & PICK SLOT X output, How ever you are calling it up the slots now just add that N.O. If you don't want to pick then don't turn on your N.O. and the add function will keep on adding/looping, and not stop. Use the OTE and a one-shot to goto your ouput for that slot to be picked(your program). This is just to get you started or show you another door to look in. Like I said it has been a long day so work with it. I can write it out tomorrow but that might be to late, try it and massage it.
  13. RS View ME empty Tag Browser

    I didn't notice in the posts earlier, Have you tried going to RS Linx Classic Gateway.
  14. RS View ME empty Tag Browser

    It looks like that when you highlighted CLX in your second picture that there is an extra space after the CLX. Have you tried deleting the CLX and replacing it with a new CLX or how about a different name altogether? I'm fetching now probably. Fuzzy Logic posted this on a different post but I used it for no Comm. ability but try it maybe it will fix your problem too, sometimes AB is just voo-doo. There have been plenty of times that I would try to read/write to an eni module and i could spend 2 hrs trying, walk away for 2-3 minutes and retry it and it would read/write (VOO-DOO).
  15. RS View ME empty Tag Browser

    In your first image posted verify offline tag file is the current plc. Click browse and reselect the plc program being used. Also double check your RSLinx Enterprise. Once you double click on Enterprise, you need to verify that the offline tag, and the 2 other boxes are up to date with the correct plc. What I meant before is did you save the plc as a different name than what it was before you started? Also local and target should be identical, did you copy from local to target?