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  1. I have: SLC500 1746-A10 B WITH 5/02 & 5/03. INPUT 4ea 115 vac OUTPUT 2ea ISOLATED RELAY 2ea TRIAC DH485 COMUNICATION INTERFACE 1770-KF3 1747 PIC I need SLC 150 and expansion. I will also need a PC interface or whatever would hook the plc to the serial port on my PC for comunication to the machine software. The CNC machine software looks for the PLC as it boots up. Ship to: Scaffidi Truck Center Att: Chris Roth 1017 nth 4th st Tomahawk, Wi. 54487 This is cheeper than shipping to resident. If you can help me out with a swap it would be great. I am pritty sure you will come out ahead on this deal but I am good with it. Thank you, CHris.
  2. I do need an slc 150 for my CNC machine. I have an slc 500 with cards. I also have the programer...I will send everything to you if you want to trade. I could use the expansion module also.
  3. I need one. Would you trade for a SLC500 with 5/02 & 5/03 processors. Also loaded with I/O cards.