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  1. :helpme: SMS comunication with the CPM2A

    Yes i know that the CPM2A is a quit old, (but unfurtunately is the only thing that I have to work), ok i found a similar example here, (in spanish), i tried out, i and check it , but when test it, it send me to the hiperterminal a long character of garbage and no the text that supose to be, i understant that when i use TXD it send the thing that i save in that direction of memory, and if I want to recibe a text in the the Hiperteminal i have to save in the memory with the correspondial code, (ex hello is 6865 6c6c 6f, like the CIJ1m example). what do i am doing wrong?. Could you tell me plz?
  2. Hi, i have some trubles to comunicate mi CPM2A to a GSM-GPRS Phoenix Contact Modem. I know that some time ago, you publicate a user manual talking about the same issue, with the CJ1M, i already read the guide and reemplace every part of it with their equivalent in the CPM2A, in my case I don't use the LEN$ (anyway CPM2A doesn't have that) and i reemplace directly with the Memory initial Dm and the lenght of the string, ( in my case, an phone number with 8 number, DM 0 to Dm 3), unfurnately it doesn't run properly, i change the A392.05 for the ar0805, but it doesnt work, then i try to give directly the comand but it doesn't work either. I also notice that you are use the flag Cf113 in the example of the CJ1M, and not use the RXD function. Would you explainme why are you doing that? and what is the equivalent in the cpm2a. I apreciate a lot a simple example how could i sent and recibe sms with the CPM2A. Thanks.
  3. havin trouble with gsm messaging and communication

    You can find the example of Sleepy wombat at Hope that it help
  4. Help with CMP2A

    The CPM1-CIF01 is the solution. Thanks to everybody.
  5. Help with CMP2A

    i think that disconect the batery for 24hr will be the best solution, until now i just disconect it for less than a 1 hour. I will try it and let you know. 48 hour of waiting, doesnt work, Well it seen that i have to wait until the CPM1-CIF01 arrives. :(
  6. Help with CMP2A

    I return the switch to on, but nothing happen, the COMM port still on, and it doesn't allow me to comunicate with the plc. (my configuration is ok, com1 9600, 7,2,E )
  7. Help with CMP2A

    Hi, i already try to use the comunication interruptor (# 13), and it did not solve my problem. Of what I understood reading the manual, I only have to changes the switch to off, I made that but anything happened, so attempt other ways to force that interruption. the step that i did was. Swicht the comunication interruptor to off turn on the PLC. Try to comunicate with my pc, result = no conection (and the COMM port still on). Swicht the comunication interruptor to off take out the batery turn on the PLC. Try to comunicate with my pc, result = no conection (and the COMM port still on). which step did I omit? . I attach a picture where you can appreciate the problem
  8. Help with CMP2A

    To: Automation,Sleepy Wombat , gtsuportç Thanks for all the posible solution you give me, i will try with CPM1-CIF01, and in 2 or 3 weeks (the time that take to order the new port), I let you know how was it. Thank you.
  9. Help with CMP2A

    Hi, i have some problems with the COMM, I was using the TXD function and put it 1 in the control channel, and submit the program to the PLC, unfortunately i have a very unsual error, the COMM port is always on and it can't let me comunicate with the PLC in order to change the program. How could i reset the PLC and return to the factory setting, or how could solve this error?. Thanks Pd: sorry for mi bad english.