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  1. Discrepancy TCP modbus reading

    SOLVEDIt was difficult receive a information from Honeywell support, but they send me a trace to find the solution.The customer can't stop HC900 to set the correct order byte (Big/Little endian).So with the client modbus and another modbus tool we started to try the right byte order and ther right address because with a shift of -2 from manual, we intercepted probably the mantissa of float register with a CDAB order.The solution is a ABCD byte order and a shift of -1 from manual to find the right value in modbus register.EnnioThank you to everybody
  2. Discrepancy TCP modbus reading

    Other variables work fine without problem Ennio
  3. Discrepancy TCP modbus reading

    Hello ptermel, thank you for your reply. It's not a problem of order byte or address shift of modbus address (because i reply that i read without problem other floating register, like analog values). I send the same request (i have only type of request 3) from client, but only these values (variable 17 and 20) are frozed on visualisation client side. But on the Honeywell software i see the same variables change (i suppose that the request from Honeywell and my client is the same, but the result not). I tried different modbus client and the problem is always the same. Ennio  
  4. Discrepancy TCP modbus reading

    Hello pturmel, yes, i have HC900 user manual (pdf) and with it i have configured the modbus access to analog values.  User Manual  
  5. Discrepancy TCP modbus reading

    Hello, i have a curios problem in a modbus tcp reading from a client.  The HC900's answer for the variable 20 (holding register 6375) is clear in the Hybrid Control Designer (the variabile is a simple counter of flow gas counter). The ammount of value is incremented every pulse from a digital input.  But when i send the request from a client modbus, the value's variable is different (completely). For example the value is frozen from this morning, probably when the machine started up.     The others value read directly from  analog inputs are correct. Only this value elaborate from some blocks show this problem. I can't understand the cpu's logic for elaboration the exchange area memory modbus.   Best regards, Ennio .
  6. Hello, i need more information about possibility to connect a LC28 CPU with OpenVPN with Mikrotik. I checked tecnical information about TCP port and i wrote the NAT routes on the Mikrotik. I saw a little exchange of bit over 1217 and 1105 ports, but my Somachine (installed over VM) coudn't connect with PLC.  Everything works fine with a local connection. We haven't any problem with other PLCs and our VPNs (Siemens, B&R, Mitsubishi). Someone have more information about TCP/UDP ports about Somachine protocoll ? Best regards, Ennio
  7. Movicon PVI driver without CPU node number

    Hi all, i have a question about Progea Movicon PVI driver for B&R PLC. The Movicon standard declaration needs CPU INA node number, but with new cpu, like X2CP0484, there isn't the node number (there aren't the switch nodes on the CPU body and there aren't a declaration in Automation Studio and there isn't this parameter in SDM too). I don't know if Movicon can't start the communication for this parameter (inside PVI declaration) or for other problems. The Movicon project works perfectly with B&R cpu with phisical node. Best regards, Ennio
  8. B&R Automation Studio 4.3 DLL error

    Hello Crossbow, thak you for your reply. I had already done all thing that you suggested me, without good results. I also deleted all AS4.3's register in windows, uninstalled and reinstalled all packet many times. The error it's always the same but only in windows events. The B&R support request me to send my PC to the factory for more test or  send a virtual copy with VM. Best regards, Ennio
  9. B&R Automation Studio 4.3 DLL error

    Hello, i have a problem with B&R Automation Studio 4.3 installed on PC W10. The software was installed without error and for a month it's was used with a new series of B&R's plc. From the end of December until now, only this version always return an error only in the windows events, when i try to lanch it. The error is about module mfc140.dll with 0x3b4c error code. All software upgrades were do (Visual Studio and a SP of AS 4.3) without  results. B&R support can't re create the same conditions, so i must to use a different PC with W7 for use AS4.3. Someone have or had a similar problem ? Best regards, Ennio 
  10. Hello, i would to know if there is differences to replace a 1747-L552B/C CPU with a 1747-L552. We have some problems to find in Europe a exactly type of this cpu (it's also much expensive), but there are avaible many  L552 code. Best regards, Ennio
  11. IC693CMM312 and CPU 331 - Check firmware ?

    Hello Steve, where can i find the release o fthe firmware ? In the last letter of the device code ? I have one CPU with 331-L and the other with 331-CE. Best regards
  12. IC693CMM312 and CPU 331 - Check firmware ?

    Exactly i have reverse the last two numbers : PLC GE FANUC 90 30 IC693CMM321 EE Best regards
  13. IC693CMM312 and CPU 331 - Check firmware ?

    IC693CMM312 and CPU 331 - Check firmware ? Hello everybody. I have 2 CPU 331 that i need to put in comunication with an HMI in  ethernet (i prefere, because i have also another one CPU, but an 374). I have found 2 IC693CMM312, refurbished. I need to check the firmware version of the devices , before buy the communication card ? Best regards
  14. B&R X20 system

    You must control in the B&R PLC , the SDM interface with a browser.  In the SDM menu, there is the system LOGGER, and you can read the reason of the fault.  You also must download , the help from site B&R, for check the error code. Best regards 
  15. E1012 HMI and Custom FT90 serial printer

    Pin OUT FT 190 (sub DIN25) 1 NC 2 TXD 3 RXD 4 RTS 7 SG 20 DTR 23 GND 24 GND 25 GND Pin Out FT190 page 2.1 - 2.2 Pin OUT E1012 1 DCD 2 RD 3 TD 4 DTR 5 SG 6 DSR 7 RTS 8 CTS 9 RI E1012 HMI page 19