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  1. Did you specify the Gateway (remote router adress) in "Built-in Ethernet/IP Port settings?
  2. CP1H - Barcode Reader

    Maple (Weintek) HMI can read USB barcode reader, and send it to PLC.
  3. CP1H - Barcode Reader

    LS2208 work fine but you have to order a RS232 serial cable instead of USB.
  4. 0V = 0 count -10V = -15000 count 10V = 15000 count
  5. I would do a Structure Text FB.
  6. HMI Alternative to NA-Series

    Maple HMI (Weinteck) work fine with NX serie.
  7. CX Programmer only

    When installing CX-One you may install only what you want and uncheck the others.
  8. Ctrl+E to begin, Ctrl+Shift+E when finished. You can add global variable but once added you can not edit (erase or modify) them.
  9. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Global variables can not be edited or deleted while Online Edit but can be created (Ctrl+E while in the Global Variable Table).
  10. My bad, I misread your post. I thought you had a temperature input unit and use PID FB in your program.
  11. Did you put the good values in the OprSetParams and InitSetParams inputs of the FB?
  12. Hi, I use them for maybe 12 years, and never heard of failure (except of physical dammage). But it is recent that they can work with Omron tags. Maybe 3 years. We mostly use Advanced HMI series.  
  13. Maple HMI's allow tags from Omron.
  14. EtherCAT Junction Box

    Beckhoff CUxxxx.xml
  15. EtherCAT Junction Box

    On that link there is a configuration file that you can download, then you could try it in Sysmac Studio in your Ethercat configuration...
  16. New laptop - strange problem with CX-P

    The decimal separator must be the same in the Windows Regional Settings than in your FB.
  17. PID parameters settings

    It is normal, it don't work in simulator.
  18. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

      Or, now you can create groups in global variables table, and associate each variable to the group you want. Then you can filter the table to display the group you want.  
  19. PID on full simulator mode

    It does not work on simulator
  20. Tank Level Program from PM

    PID instructions does not work in simulator.
  21. Is it a Function Block or a Function?
  22. Working at home this morning, so no PLC available here for trying my program. So I started the simulator, but I got an error message: Failed to read file card details. Check that the file card is inserted and is correctly formatted. Then I hit OK button on this and the same message reappear once. When I hit again OK, I get another message: Not enough file space on the PLC! Then it "disconnect" the simulator. I have no idea what is supposed to be that file card. Maybe the memory card that we can use in CP1L, but I never used any. Any suggestion someone?    
  23. Using PTO's to control multiple stepper motors?

    Take a look at G3RV-SR from Omron.
  24. I don't know Mitsubishi HMI but I guess it can read conventional (non tag) adresses from previous Omron PLC, if so, in the HMI you could choose driver for something like CJ1 PLC, then, in Sysmac, you can make adresses like CJ  by writing % followed by the adress you want in the AT column in your Global variables table.
  25. NA5 Orientation

    I don't know for the NA5 but Maple HMI can be flipped. And they can work with tag adressing of NJ/NX.