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  1. Need help for COM246 software

    I have a problem on my IP246 positioning module, the program is already corrupted and it need to transfer the parameters again, but my problem is I don't have COM246 software, may I ask a favor? can anyone can send me the software? PLease send it to edgarsky04@aol.com. Your help is highy appreciated, thank you.
  2. A2NCPU Communication Port

    Hi Crossbow! Exactly, SC05 is the cable I am using, but lately the PLC is no longer communicate with PC, I checked the serial port of PC and the SC05 cable, nothing problem there. I really confused why a simple problem like this cannot solved. How can I load the new program if there's is a problem on commnication? Please I need your help.
  3. A2NCPU Communication Port

    Hello! I have a problem with our A2NCPU it does not communicate to PC anymore, when I about to upload the medoc program by using cable RS422, it says that "no reply from PLC-system", I'm just wondering why the plc port cannot communicate anymore? is there a way to repair the communication port of A2NCPU? I suspect that when I connected the MAC50 display to the PLC, it caused the damaged of the PLC's port, assuming the communication is damaged already, is there anyway to repair it? what is the alternative solution for this in order to load the medoc program project? please help me. your response is higly appreciated. thank you.