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  1. Cnet RIO Fault.

    We experience the problem again; when I go to check the Controlnet Card Had the status in flashing red(that give me the idea of a communication fault) but the message in the display was frozen, it seems that the car inhibits and mantein the message in the display. The technitian told me that the time before that the message was ok. Any Idea ??
  2. Encoder trouble

    Yes I'm using one.
  3. Encoder trouble

    Hi: For a couple of months now I'm experimenting some problems with the signal of an encoder. It seems like some times the encoder increment the count number a little bit, it can be douring movement (the counts grow more than it should) or when the encoder is static. I checked the Cable routing, even change it, the encoder and the HSC card, and it didn't work. Anyone habe been experimenting problems like this or hyave any idea of test that I could make to fix this. Tanks.
  4. Cnet RIO Fault.

    I'm experimenting some problems whit a remote IO in controlnet. i'm using the 1756-CNBR/E cards for my RIO network. The last week I had two times the same problema, the Cnet card seems like working but the rest of the IO cards had a communication problem. The tecnitian that were there don't remember the message in the display. The RIO work again after a powe Up cycle. Does anybody had experience a problem like that? Any suggestions? Tanks for Ur HELP