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  1. Two Comfort HMI one PLC

    I have two HMIs connected to one PLC. The HMIs are identical.  I'm downloading the same program to both and the only problem I have is that once it's downloaded to one I have to disconnect the network cable to download to the other. Is there a way to force TIA Portal to search for a target? What is the best way to utilise two identical HMIs on one PLC, with the least work/pain?
  2. Hello all,  Can anyone answer a couple of questions on armorpoint please? 1The 4 pin mini power connector on the auxillary power connector has User power and Adaptor power. What are the differences? The difference is one pair power the communication and one pair power the inputs and outputs. Solved thanks!
  3. fx 3u series plc

    M8000 -||------+------------[+ D0 D1 D100]- | +------------[+ D100 D2 D100]- | +------------[+ D100 D3 D100]- | . . . | +------------[+ D100 D10 D100]- :)
  4. Compare two compiled projects

  5. IEC Developer and the AS-i interface

      @Colin Carpenter Hi Colin, have you solved this one?  It is almost as easy as a digital input or output card but let me know if you still need some pointers.   Also, which HMI range are you using?  
  6. Compare two compiled projects

    Is there anyway to compare two different projects without having to load one into a PLC and then carrying out a verify operation?
  7. Mitsubishi Plc beginner, please help.

    Hi @jerome I would consider the Siemens Logo!  Much better that the Alpha in my humble opinion. You can get just the base unit or the starter kit:  
  8. IEC Developer and the AS-i interface

    Colin, I have taken a very quick look at the thinktop datasheet.  Here's where you might run into problems: 1. With V2.1 you are limited to 31 stations according to the data sheet.  I would check this - I use up to 62 with a Mitsu card as they allow A and B addresses.  Maybe 2.11 on Mitsu is more like 3.0? 2. I would work on one and only one process valve per slave.  The thinktop allows up to 3 solenoid valves but there only seems to be feedback for one process valve. 3. This will mean at up to 4 AS-i Networks so 4 Asi masters and 4 Asi power-supplies and 4 separate cable runs.   I would speak to the thinktop suppliers and maybe ask for a demo / sample.  The balance is tipping based on the outcome of item 1.  62 units = 2 Mitsu card. 31 units = 4 Mitsu cards and double the other infrastructure.   Bear in mind this is just things that need clarifying - I would hope/suspect that the datasheet has  point 1 wrong. Also, if you doing the install factor in the cost of a hand-held addressing unit unless you are really patient.   The configurator probably just lets you built the network in theory and checks power consumption and number of slaves - the FX version is very limited for example. All the data is available in the card memory. I can't see how it can do the addressing for you as it cannot discriminate between two identical units on the network until after they have been addressed.
  9. IEC Developer and the AS-i interface

      The Mitsubishi card is ok and works well and will almost certainly be the cheapest option. The gateway is something like this: I haven't used that one in particular but it gives you an idea of what is possible. The advantages are: 1. it works with the latest version of AS-I 2. It has much more fault finding and trouble-shooting ability built in 3. It is a much simpler process to address and re-address slaves 4. You can get units to talk to 2 AS-i networks an also supply power to the network. Disadvantages: 1. Cost 2. You need to find one that talks "Mitsubishi." Modbus TCP might be the best option. 3. If you are not doing much other than AS-i it might make the Q redundant as you can get PLC or programming functions in some gateways or use a "basic" PLC. -------------------------------------- It is definitely a swings and roundabout thing that probably just comes down on the side of the Mitsubishi card if your project is simple (you mention intelligent actuators which may depend on the latest version of AS-i. ), small scale (only 62 and under some conditions down to 31 slaves per network), digital  and in a relatively clean environment.  
  10. IEC Developer and the AS-i interface

    I have used the card, I don't use IEC developer. Having said that it's just buffer memory and setting a few of the cards outputs and monitoring some inputs. Note the card is AS-I version 2.11.  Current AS-i is at least 3.0.  I don't foresee any immediate problems but it is something to be aware of. I have never needed nor used the Configurator.  What does it do? I would consider using an AS-I gateway to some suitable network on the Q-series  - but no point me waffling on about that if your project is defined.  
  11. GOT 800 Upload Connection Failure

      This previous post suggests you need Win 95.
  12. Got Simple vs Siemens S7-300

    Edit 2:  Add the word and display as a binary as a useful check. I think the table should be DB1.DBW0.B0 = DB1.DBX0.0 DB1.DBW0.B1 = DB1.DBX0.1 DB1.DBW0.B2 = DB1.DBX0.2 ... DB1.DBW0.B7 = DB1.DBX0.7 DB1.DBW0.B8 = DB1.DBX1.0 etc
  13. Got Simple vs Siemens S7-300

    See this snip from the Mitsubishi help file:   Edit: Although looking at it I think there is an error as it makes no sense! I think you can deduce how it is supposed to work though.
  14. FX3U Analog Modules

    Q series?
  15. FX2N-16EYR Error Output

    Why are you dividing by 10 after  the compare instruction? Which of D200 and D300 is from the temperature sensor and which is the setpoint? What values are you using for D200 and what are you expecting in D300?   I am with @nehpets above just use  [<   Temperature     Setpoint]------(heater) Assuming you don't need a differential.