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  1. "newbie" to Siemens, ID of PLC and uses please

    LOL< this looks a lot easier than AB RSLogix 500 software!
  2. "newbie" to Siemens, ID of PLC and uses please

    Thanks! I'll try to get up with the Siemens distributor here in the states when I get time.
  3. "newbie" to Siemens, ID of PLC and uses please

    My main reason for wanting to buy the equipment at the scrap yard was to try to get my feet wet with Siemens PLC software and programming and use it for some "projects" here at my shop. I had a rack of AB RsLogix 500 here before the fire, the building was a total loss, no insurance on the contents. So I'm "starting over."  What I'd love to find is a rack of PLCs that I can get software for without breaking the bank and do some fun stuff with it. The rack I had was basically relay outputs with 120v-240v digital inputs. I also had two analog inputs "cards" on that rack. I found I could get a "stripped down" version of 500 software for $1500 USD. 
  4. "newbie" to Siemens, ID of PLC and uses please

    So a standard Siemens does not use this logic? That's what I'd like to know as I'd like to learn more about PLC programming and thought this might be a good way to get my feet wet with it. 
  5. "newbie" to Siemens, ID of PLC and uses please

    What software is needed for this and do you have an idea of cost?
  6. "newbie" to Siemens, ID of PLC and uses please

    Several years ago I took some classes at the local community college, two of which were basic PLC programming. The classes were centered around AB RSLogix500 and Logic Pro 500 software. A couple of years ago I had a live rack of AB RSlogix500 PLCs and was saving to buy a stripped down software version, but the shop burned down and all that was lost. I have the shop back now for the most part and want to start back learning and building things again. Recently in my search of a newly found salvage yard I've started finding some PLC controlled devices that I can purchase at a rather good price. The guy that runs the yard doesn't have a clue what a PLC is and really doesn't care. In my shop here at home I have some equipment I'd like to play around with and "automate" it if I can do it on the cheap. I just started a new job and after talking to our IT guy, he found out I'm a whiz at electrical problems and like to "tinker with things", so he's checking to see what free, legitimate software for PLCs he has I can get. He's a pretty cool guy, he's looking around to see what he can come up with for a used/new laptop for installing the software on.  I really want to "brush up" on PLC work as I've had some headhunters call me recently with offers looking someone with PLC experience. The equipment I found at that salvage yard has pneumatic devices and optic sensors and such. I'm pretty decent at AB PLC searches and figuring out what the different modules can do when I find them, but Siemens are a different animal to me. Trying to figure out the model numbers and what the device is capable is a little difficult. I took some pictures of the devices and here's the numbers I could find on them. 6ES7-212-1AB22-OXBO, S7-200 and what looks like 6EP1 332-1SH41 on the other. I guess I need a crash course in Siemens PLCs and how/what legitimate software I need and what it cost. Around here from what I see AB and Siemens are the two most popular. I think learning Siemens software would be a good idea for diversification.  Right now my brain is geared toward wanting/needing a PLC with basic relay type outputs. I have a couple of ideas for later on that I'll need analog I/O.  BTW, I'm a 1960's vintage guy with a 16 year olds desire to learn and do. Recently my body has been reminding my brain it's 1960's vintage, so I guess it's time I started using my head more than my body to make a living. Thanks for any help you can offer,  Floyd.  
  7. 1746-NIO4I usage possable?

    Sorry for such a late reply. I'm using DC servo brush type motors for the generator. The faster you spin them the more voltage they put out. The ones I have a rated at 90VDC, my target RPM is around 320 RPM for 14.6 VDC. To get the max 90VDC out it would be turning around 4000 RPM, I doubt I'll ever have that much wind. The projects on the back burner for now, shortage of money and about to get canned at my new job. If it last the next two weeks I'll have the software to start back on the project.
  8. Computer and software recommindations needed

    I just got a call back from the local Distibutor feild service guy, he said I needed the 300ENE to do what I want. With the dongle I'll be able to have it on two differant computers and jsut move the dongle. He said the activation will be on both computers but would need the dongle to work on which ever compter I was using it on.
  9. Computer and software recommindations needed

    I've never in my life had such a hard time trying to find out something like this PLC software. I've been talking with the RA people and keep getting sent to the distriutor level and no one seems to be able to give me a good answer. I've been told differant stories about what I need. 9324-RLO100ENE is $641.00, 9324-RLO300ENE is $1410.00 and a USB "Dongle" is $110.00. I've been told the 100ENE will do what I want and then another tells me it will not, same with the 300ENE. Is there a RA person in here that actually knows? My first priority id being able to do basic programming for a SLC503, my second priority is doing the MicroLogix line. The "dongle" is so I can use the activation on two differant computers. Right now I'm wiating for the feild service guy to check into it and get back with me, for the second day.
  10. Will the new free version of RSLogix™ Micro (Version 8.10) run a Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000, 1761-L32AWA, SER C ? There's one I'm looking at that's for sale. If it will what else do I need to buy to operate it and connect to it?
  11. Computer and software recommindations needed

    What is the differance bewtween 9324-RL0100ENE and 9324-RL0100ENF ? I'm guessing 9324-RL0100ENE is what I need?
  12. Computer and software recommindations needed

    Now I just need to find the product number for this "stripped down version" and get it installed if I can. This has been a lot of help so far, thanks, you guys are wonderful!
  13. Computer and software recommindations needed

    When you say does not allow online programming, what do you mean? I'd ne happy if I could just program the PLCs and then be able to monitor it with the PC and see what's happening with the program for now.
  14. Computer and software recommindations needed

    The PLC's in your above post will work just fine. Or maybe I'm not following your question. See link below for AB PLC info.
  15. Computer and software recommindations needed

    So these will not work? Do you have a catalog number for the AB PLCs I can use so I'll know what to look for?