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  1. Yes, that was my reaction too. What are the odds? An L1x series processor and 3.1 IE4C module and I happen to have both.
  2. Unfortunately since you can't update these modules in the field, I had to buy a new one. Now with the 3.4 firmware version, all is well!
  3. Thanks to a member on plctalk for shedding some light on this. 508507 - CompactLogix 5370 L1 controller incompatible with 1734-IE4C firmware 3.001 modulesAccess Level: Everyone Date Created: 10/09/2012 09:23 AM Last Updated: 12/01/2014 10:49 AM QuestionWhy is the input data static from 1734-IE4C series C in CompactLogix 5370 L1 controller but works fine in 1734-AENT® chassis? Next, here are examples of typical conditions reported: L1 controller I/O status LED is solid green1734-IE4C module status LEDs appear fineOnline no errors are displayed in Controller I/O treeSame 1734-IE4C module works fine when placed in 1734-AENT® chassis AnswerUse 1734-IE4C module with firmware 3.002 or higher when using as local expansion Input module with CompactLogix 5370 L1 controllers. 1734-IE4C series C module firmware 3.001 is not compatible with CompactLogix 5370 L1 controllers. Note: 1734-IE4C module firmware is not field upgradeable.
  4. I have to wonder if it needs calibrated, which I could do on the calibration tab. I mean it can't hurt at this point. I also may take this IE4C over to Fromm Electric and pop it in their demo L18 and see if that reads the data correctly.
  5. Unfortunately I put 12mA on it from a separate source and still get nothing.
  6. Factory Talk View Studio Rant

    I have a few customers who have migrated from AB to Red Lion, who, as a bonus, is only 45 minutes from me. It's hard to justify the 2x cost for a comparable AB PV+ when Red Lion has more standard features. What gets me is the bootup time, which on a Red Lion, is next to nothing. And they certainly interface well with the PLCs. Good stuff!
  7. OK, replacement module shows up, and I am STILL not getting any data. I have the unit powered with 24VDC and I have 24VDC on the FP+/-. Since my transmitter is powered from the same 24vdc, I have the current input going into Ch0 (terminal 0) and nothing else connected. Oddly, Ch1 and Ch3 show data of "85" even though there is nothing connected. 0 and 2 show "0". Ch0 and 2 also show channel faults.
  8. Nope, this is local IO on the Compact backplane. I've tried it with and without power on the FP+ / FP-, with and without the common attached to the terminal 4. They are expensive little modules and I'd hate to see it end up in the trash.
  9. I have used PointIO a few times, but this is the first time using an IE4C. The wiring seems pretty straight-forward with Ch0 going to terminal 0 and the common is on terminal 4, if used. I started off having a solid red status light for the network status, so I changed keying, reset the module, re-seated it and the TB3 base, and finally got a green status light for both, but I am getting ZERO data. The channel faults are all 0, and the data is all 0, regardless of what I put on the input. I put a simulator between terminals 0 and 4 and the data still doesn't change from 0. What's more strange is on occasion, I have gone into the IE4C properties and under the Module Info, it would sometimes show Unknown or "Control Techniques PLC" for the vendor. I have seen about 4 different serial numbers appear, and even the revision number has changed. If I hit reset module, it goes back to saying Allen Bradley with the correct serial number and correct revision number, but still does not give any data. I am assuming the module is bad and I have another one en route, but was curious if anyone could explain this because I haven't seen it on any type of module before.
  10. Trouble with firmware update L18-ERM

    Managed to go over to the local distributor, who has an L18ERM series A, so I created an SD card with firmware and set the appropriate settings. Brought it back and powered up this unit. SD card light was flashing, as if it were being read, then both OK and SD were flashing, then it rebooted, and now I am left with a solid RED OK light. I am sure the unit is toast, but might I have any last ditch efforts to kick this out of its current state? I was almost optimistic when I saw it reading the card. The unit I mirrored was identical, except for the serial number, which I changed on the flash card.
  11. Trouble with firmware update L18-ERM

    Yes, and I am friends with one of the local guys. I already reached out to him this afternoon before I called Rockwell. He might be able to help me get some files on an SD card tomorrow if someone doesn't email them to me tonight. Yes, my jaw dropped when she said that. I have always been more successful with resolutions from these forums vs. calling RA. In fact, one time I was troubleshooting a DeviceNet VFD issue, and the tech said "Here, I found something on that..." and they were referring to MY thread on a forum. I thought maybe they were referring to a knowledgebase article or something similar, but he was actually searching the internet. But I digress.
  12. Trouble with firmware update L18-ERM

      Exactly. The minors shouldn't matter. I don't know what to make of this situation. Rockwell provided ZERO help. After about 10 minutes of obvious troubleshooting and requesting that I try v19 firmware (yes, they actually suggested I try v19 in a L18ERM), she said there was nothing else they could do to resolve it.
  13. Trouble with firmware update L18-ERM

    OR....could someone send me all the files from the SD card (assuming you have auto restore firmware on power up enabled)? Then I can just copy them to my SD card and see what happens at power up. I think it's my only chance to get this controller back to life.
  14. Trouble with firmware update L18-ERM

    The problem is the controller, according to control flash is 20.001.36. According to logix, its 20.01. I am not sure which is right. If I open my RSLogix5000 "about" page, it says I am on 20.01. So I shouldn't be having this issue. I don't even know how to acquire 20.001.36.
  15. I have this CompactLogix L18-ERM-BB1B with version 20.001.36 and I am not able to upload or download to it. Logix5000 tells me the offline version file is not compatible with the controller revision. So I try ControlFlash to bring it up to 20.12 or 21.11 and it fails telling me it received an unknown error code. Here's the error in the log file: 12/17/14 14:22:24 [FAILURE] Transfer: Error #11001: Unknown General Status error code received. GS=0x1E 12/17/14 14:22:24 [FAILURE] Transfer: File = C:\Program Files (x86)\ControlFLASH\0001\000E\009B\PN-156514.der, Block = 1.