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  1. 1769-SDN

    Thank you for the help. I will call them now.
  2. 1769-SDN

    I am trying to use the RSNetworx Demo (3.21.02 (Build 5) SP2 (updated) to configure a little DeviceNet comms. I have a 1769-SDN Series B Rev: 1 (Firemware Rev. 2.2) on a ML1500 that I am using as the master. My problem is that when I open RSNetworx, I get an Error: "Node:01 The Following error occurred parsing the EDS File: 'Invalid Entry in the MemoryTables'. The EDS file I found from Rockwell is a Major Rev 2. Minor Rev 1, And the Next one they have appears to be a Major Rev 3, Minor 1... which won't work either because the 1769 is a 2.2. Does anyone here know a fix for this problem? Or could someone send me the Firmware Upgrade for the 1769-SDN? Thanks for any help :) Adding a Picture of RSNetworx problem :(
  3. RSNetworx Demo

    Ok, well chaulk this one up to Microsoft. I uninstalled my Visual Studio 2008, rebooted, and RsNetworx installed fine.. well, with the exception that I DID have to go to the install folder and run the setup.exe file. (Autorun would crash w/ access denied) So hopefully this will help someone else down the road.
  4. RSNetworx Demo

    Yeah, i just went thru and turn off the Rslinx service, made it not start on startup, rebooted and tried again and got the same error. This is very odd... I always get the good stuff..
  5. RSNetworx Demo

    Sorry, I should have mentioned I tried that as well. When I try to run the setup.exe, i get "The Parameter is incorrect." that is when I try to run the file from : RsNetWorx_Demo\dnet\install\setup.exe So maybe that is my problem.. but I have no idea how to figure out what a 'Parameter is incorrect' would be. I do some more searching on that... Thanks for the suggestion :)
  6. RSNetworx Demo

    Not sure if anyone here can help with this, but I thought I'd try. I am wanting to use the RSNetworx Demo from I have d/l'd it and try to install on my desktop, but all that happens when I try to install RsNetworx for Device net is my windows xp machine pops up w/ a message saying "The operating system denied access to the specified file" ?!? I took the same files and copied them to my laptop, and it installs fine on there. Has anyone ever seen this problem before, or even know a way to fix it. On my desktop computer, the only thing i can think that MAY possibly be hanging it up is the Factory Automation Activation stuff that got loaded with RSLogix500... could this be the reason?
  7. 1770-KFD to 1769-SDN help..

    Well, Ignore this one please, unless it helps you: Problems seems to be the USB to RS232 for the Laptop. I just hooked it up thru my desktop computer and it came right up. Looks like i'll be trying to find me a better USb to RS232 :)
  8. 1770-KFD to 1769-SDN help..

    Hello again! the problem I am having now is that I cannot get RSLinx to configure a 1770-KFD driver. I have checked around the fourms and found this : KFD lesson 101: * Use the correct cable. (RTS and CTS pins short back onto themselves at each end of the plug, this is not the case with null modem) * Make sure the DeviceNet network has the EOL resistors * Make sure no other serial driver is running and hogging the com port. (RSLinx Enterprise is a trick for young players, this is set to run automatically as a service by default and if you have been using a serial path for transfer / testing it might have the com port held captive without you knowing it. I made my own cable, checked it 3 times, applied the resistors to the 1769-SDN and the 1794-ADN/B module. Nothing is using my serial driver. When go thru the setup of adding the driver, it goes to 'Initilizing Device'.. I see the RS-232 Status Lite flashing, but after a little while, the "Initilzing Device" just goes away and it does not add the driver to my Linx. On the 1770-KFD, the Module Status light flashes green. I have not yet seen the 'network status' light do ANYTHING so far. Even when I'm trying to add the driver in rslinx. I have d/led and added the EDS files to my linx. I do not have any I/O modules on the 1794-ADN/B right now, could that be causing this? Is there any other way for me to get this driver added? Thanks for any help.
  9. Micrologix 1500 Password

    WOW! Doing it exactly like that worked. Very odd...I think they need to add to their Knowlegde base exactly what Mickey typed there. Don't open or do anything else, becuase for some reason it doesn't work then. Thanks alot for everyone's help.
  10. Micrologix 1500 Password

    Nope, I don't have a copy of what is in there. The processor names is saying "ALDBOY" ... about to just return it.. I don't really have alot of time to be messing around wasting time on something that should not have been password protected when I bought it. Arrgg..
  11. Micrologix 1500 Password

    Read teh knowledgebase closely.. and even tried it. Should have said that w/ first post. I tried the MLCRMEM and the 65257636 , both just come up and say Incorrect Password :(
  12. Micrologix 1500 Password

    Anyone have any help for me on this problem? I have a ML1500 processor that I would like to us, but it is password protected. I have tried the AB's knowlegdge base to reset/clear processor to default, but It keeps telling me incorrect password. I am using MLCLRMEM for the password when it ask for a password when I try to d/l my program to it, but It won't clear.. I've read up on how to reset the ML1500 to defaults, and there is no way according to the KB's at A-B. You can only do a clear memory while online. So i'm a bit stuck, unless someone can point me in the direction to finding out the password with the HDD thing I saw someone in here talk about, but had not more info on it ;( EDIT * Have also tried 65257636 as password, no luck still, still sez invalid password Thanks for any help, Bad Sector