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  1. Fx0-14MR-ES

    Ah Thanks you very mutch!
  2. Fx0-14MR-ES

    Hello my friend.... i want know what's command for timer on my Fx0-14MR-ES.... i have a experience on Omron PLC but im newbies on mitsubishi! you can help me? Et si quelqu'un parle francais c'Est encore mieux! Merci / Thanks
  3. Simple programming cable for Mitsubishi FX

    This cable Work Perfectly with my PLC... with jumper on and no resistance! THANK YOU VERY VERY MUTCH!
  4. OMRON mini SP20

    i have a probleme to connect minilss to my sysmac mini SP20-DR-A. i have comm cable home made i build... i verify my connection and it's same with diagram but i have a LR-SIZE problem. couldn't read LR-Size ... Whats is my problem????? Thanks you very much!