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  1. Text Message from PLC

    I've never used them before but have kept the details, they may be of interest here
  2. Wireless Devicenet - just asking

    The manual describes the setup procedure (Section 2-4), this is briefly described by PMCR above.
  3. Wireless Devicenet - just asking

    If you can't use the DCN2-1; use an M12 micro connector socket to wire to the Wireless unit, then complete network as required - including resistors!
  4. Wireless Devicenet - just asking

    Instead of using the DCN2-1, you could wire back to a DNC1-1/DCN1-3 and use the supplied terminating resistor. The DCN1-1/DCN1-3 are Top Hat DIN rail mountable, so will probably require mounting inside of a Junction Box or similar.
  5. Another NewBe

    Use "clear all memory" function, whilst online, through PLC menu to initialise the PLC. cxp.bmp
  6. r u familiar with sensor controller?

    It all depends on how much control over the sensor controller you want/need. By just connecting the OR sensor output to the PLC you can only know if the sensor controller has given an overall judgement and not if the controller is in error, someone has left it in adjust mode, which bank it is using, etc. Not sure this is the correct forum for the thread, but I don't know where I would have put it either -I'm sure someone will come along point you in the right direction. TK_STUART
  7. Converting project versions

    Thanks, I've already seen the compatabilty table. I'm guessing that if I can't upgrade the firmware of the screen to equal or greater than the project version then I will have to create a new project and start from scratch and import alarms (csv) etc..... Haven't needed to do it yet, just thought I would see if there was going to be a quicker\easier way around it when I do have to.
  8. Convert LSS to CXT

    Just thought I'd put this up to try and save people time in the future. You can convert from LSS project format (PGC2000.DAT) using the "File Conversion Utility" bundled with CX Programmer to CXT, then open with CX Programmer. From what I had read I thought I was going to have to convert LSS to Syswin, then Syswin to CX Programmer. Comments welcome if this is not entirely correct(?)
  9. Converting project versions

    Hi, thanks for the replies all. I know you can upgrade the firmware and I have done this in the past, though it seems that some of the earlier V1 models won't accept the lastest frimware revisions, I had a V1 NS12 that wouldn't accept 6.02 but would accept 5.01 for example. This also would not help if I had to replace a V2 with a pre V1 spare! I was kinda hoping that you might be able to tinker with the files in the project directory to go "backwards". Also heard a comment regarding a developer mode for CX Designer? Is this available \ what other options\functions are available in this mode?
  10. Converting project versions

    I was hoping someone would have a trick to get around it, as you can't copy and paste from a newer project version to an older project version either.
  11. Converting project versions

    Hello all, I would like to know if when converting project versions in CX Designer, if there is any way to go back to a previous version? We have loads of NS12's, various harware and firmware revisions, and would like to know if it possible in case I need to put an older screen on a newer application if necessary. I know you can upgrade the firmware on some models but this seems limited by the hardware revision. I have CX Designer ver1.0. Thanks