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  1. Hi good day.  I am the new user of Weintek, Easybuider pro.  I bought few modbus IO decvices, connected to MT8071ie and I could get succes with read the modbus IO and also can do scaling 4-20mA (raw count 4000 to 20000)to 0 - 200 Deg C.  but I am not able to scale 0 - 200 Deg C on trend.  I did the data sampling and use that for trend and trend worls for raw data 4000 to 20000 but unable to scale to 0 - 200 Deg C.  It appears there is no interpolation option for me to do the scaling on data collection as well on trend.  what I understand is that we need to create Macro to do the scaling.  can you give sameple macro code so I will try to suit with my IO. or please advice how to make scaling for Trend.  I struggle last 2 days with no success.  I am a hobbyist, trying to develop few parameters to test and learn. 


    thanks and best regards