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  1. 04.03.2004. Hi, Friends! Which possible can to chance IP address of Modicon PLC by module 140 NOE 77100 via Internet Explorer . I’m working with Consept2.6 program. With best regards Alex Krashevsky.
  2. usb port

    29.01.2004. Hi,Frieds!!! 1)We want to connect PC (operation system win200 or win/xp with usb port to Modicon plc by Modsoft software. We use cable usb to D9type. 2)We want to connect pc (operation with Rs232 port to Modicon plc by Modsoft software. Remark:We succsefull to connect pc win200 with Rs232 to Modicon plc by Modsoft software. With best regards Alex Krashevsky and Uri Shabat.
  3. 7 segment display output

    29.10.03 Hi, friends! Plc CJ1G-H CPU 43 I would like to connect 3 digits to that Plc and use for it the function: 7 segment display output – 7SEG(88), Which run a 3+4 outputs to display a number on the 3 digits Display. How can I do it? Please advise. Best regards, Alex Krashevsky
  4. NT31 problem

    Dear sir or madam, When starting the NT31 screen I get a message with system problem. How do I download a new system (using the system installer)? How to set Dip swich and what file to use to download. Thanks.
  5. ASCII

    Dear Sir Thanks for the support Still have some problem The text the PLC is sending out is in German The Cap letter "O" in ASCII is 4F but it prints "i: with tow uppers spots The Cap letter "R" in ASCII is52 but it prints "u"with tow uppers spots can it be a matter of language? What is the way to change the PLC cpm2a to English? Thanks for fast response
  6. CQM1H and Barcode

    24.07.03 Hi, Bob! Hi, Friends! The CQM1h CPU 61 no connecting via communication with others Plc’s. The Transistors Relays outputs of CQM1h CPU 61 starting others Plc’s CQM1h CPU 51. I ‘m using subroutine program for outputs. Baud rate peripheral port CPU 61: 9600 BPS Baud rate port RS 232C CPU 61:4800 BPS, becowce dip switches Barcode define for 4800 BPS, But no problem for chant to 9600 BPS. The CPU 61 reading Barcode correctly, but scan time is no constant. Interrupts program no use. Bob, send me your e-mail, please. I send my ladder diagram program. With best regards Alex.
  7. CQM1H CPU-61 and Barcode

    23.07.03 Hi, Mr. Jay! Hi, Friends! In the project Printing Press have Plc CQM1H CPU-61, Which connect via RS 232C with Barcode and Barcode pass information to CPU-61.Controller must execution mathematical campers and quickly to give outputs. Communications between Plc and Barcode is Okay, but CQM1H CPU-61 sometimes miss outputs and every time give outputs with delay in difference intervals of time. In the process, outputs mast be is stability, because process pass quickly (Here is conveyer) And transistor outputs CPU-61 must to start Pushers, which finds on the some distance from Barcode and CQM1H CPU-61. Every Pusher is standing alone Plc CQM1H CPU-51. The CQM1H CPU-61 with Barcode is main Plc in the process, which outputs must to starts inputs for Plc’s CQM1H CPU-51 (Pushers). My generally problem: *** Miss outputs from CPU-61 *** Delay time outputs and difference intervals of outputs time in CPU-61, Although Barcode read information correctly. With best regards Alex.
  8. Catalog part number of programming Cable

    30.03.03. Hi, friends! Hi Jay! I have inverter 3G3FV of Omron and I wont to program The 3G3FV with SysDrive Configurator, but don’t have programming Cable. I need catalog part number programming Cable between computer and inverter 3G3FV, or schema of programming Cable. Thanks in advance kind Regards. Alex Krashevsky.
  9. What is difference between panels

    27.03.03 Hi, Friends! Hi, Jay! What is difference between panels Nt20s ST121/123 and Nt20s ST161? Thanks in advance kind Regards. Alex Krashevsky.
  10. Applications for FinsGateway

    24.03.03. Hi, Friends! In real moment I have two problems: 1). I need sample examples of applications for FinsGateway Version 3 with Visual Basic, or Exel. ****** My task is: connect Plc CPM2A, or CQM1H CPU-21, 51,61 via Serial Unit by FinsGateway for to write and To read values in Registers. ****** 2). Which possible can to change from ladder diagram contacts Status of Plc CPM2A, or CQM1H CPU-21, 51,61 From Monitor to Run, or Stop and from Stop to Run, or Monitor. Thanks in advance kind Regards. Alex Krashevsky.
  11. Alex Krashevsky

    06.03.03. Hi, Friends! I have next configuration of active project with: --- Plc CQM1 CPU: 21-E --- Inputs units: CQM1-ID212 --- Outputs units: CQM1-OC221 --- Analog inputs units: CQM1-AD041 --- Analog outputs units: CQM1-DA021 Last- CQM1-DA021 is damage now. Can, replace it CQM1-DA021 by CQM1-DA022? Is that compatible for my hardware? From catalog information is not clear about reciprocity. With best regards Alex Krashevsky.
  12. <<ns-series>> Schema Of Cable Rs-232

    06.01.2003 Hi, Friends! I need schema of cable RS-232 between Programmable Terminal NS7-SV01 and Plc of Omron . Thank very much for yours help. With best regards Alex Krashevsky.
  13. Cpm2a

    Hello, every body! I have Plc of Omron: cpm2a 30cdr with program of project. I can Upload program from Plc, but to chance logic, or clear program no passable .The Plc write me information about communications error: Clear UM-UM is protected. Which possible can clear program from Plc? With best regards Alex.