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  1. Hello, I am using an Micrologix 1500 to control 3 stepper motors (xyz axis), but is has only 2 Pulse train outputs. Right now I am using one output for the X axis and the second output is switching between the Y & Z axis. I would like to use the second output for the Z axis and then use one of the other high speed ouputs for the Y axis. Is that possible? If it is, does anyone know if Allen Bradley or someone else has some code that can simulate a pulse train that can be used? Thanks, gertsc
  2. PANELVIEW 550

    Thanks for the reply I did exactly as in your diagram, using the 2711-NC21 cable. ( I am using an 1747-UIC between my laptop and the 1747-CP3 cable going into the first 1761-NET-AIC) ---- Still not working. Then I made an adapter between the 2711-NC21 cable and the PV550 where I tryed the following a) Disconnected pin 8, and b) crossed pin 7 & 8. Either way I can see the two devices in RSLinx, but I can not download a program to the PV550. Getting "[Error 2258 - Unable to communicate with operator terminal, did not receive a response.]" Laptop = Node 0 Micrologix 1200 is set to Node 1, Baud 19200 PV550 is set to Node 2, Baud 19200 Regards, gert
  3. PANELVIEW 550

    Hello again, I found an application note, saying to use a 2711-NC21 cable (9 pin straight trough) with pin 8 disconected. I made one up and tryed that, and now I can see both devices in RSLinx, and no errors on the HMI. However when I try to download to the HMI I get "[ Error 2258 - Unable to communicate with operator terminal, did not receive a response. ]" Is that because the cable connection is still incorrect, or what? Using PV550 2711-B5A5 FRN 1.07 DH485 Panel Builder32 ver 3.82.01 (Build 451) I also tryed different version Numbers when tryed to download gert
  4. PANELVIEW 550

    Thanks for the reply, The RSLinx driver I am using is "DH484 UIC Devices" I tryed different Baud Rates, no change gert
  5. PANELVIEW 550

    Hello All, I installed a system with a PV550 and a ML1500 with two 1761-NET-AIC's a couple of years ago. The costumer want to do some changes to the HMI, so I am trying to modifye the HMI in the office using an old PV550 (2711-B5A5 FRN 1.07) and a ML1200. I did it 2 years ago but now I can't. I am conecting my laptop to one of the NET-AIC's via an 1747-UIC and cable 1761-CBL-PM02. and the micrologix to the other NET-AIC with cable 1761-CBL-HM02. This works fine, I can see the Micrologix 1200 in RSLinx. To connect to the PV550 I am using cable 1747-CP3 with a NULL-Modem adaptor. If I connect the PV550 to the NET-AIC where the 1747-UIC(laptop) is connected to I can see the PV550 in RSLinx but not the ML1200, and the same time the PV550 shows the error message "Require network node(s). If I connect the PV550 to the NET-AIC where the Micrologix 1200 is connected to I can't see either the PV550 or Micrologix 1200 in RSLinx but I do not get the "Node" error message on the PV550. Instead of using cable 1747-CP3 with a Null-Modem adapter I also tryed to use cable 2706-NC13 (straight trugh cable) as I think I did 2 years ago, but that doesn't work either. I am lost...... Regards gert
  6. Micrologix 1500

    Thanks for all the replyes. I started to eliminate program files untill the error dissapeared, and I found a where it happend. It seems to be a prescan check problem as mentioned in the sugestions. The error would not dissaper before I run all the program files without the pecific one, and then run that one at the end. Initially I used the search/Find "[" to locate my indirect adresses, but it only indicated that I had 17 indirect addresses in one program file. That was not the case, I had two more in another program file, that the search/find function did not find, and that was where the problem was. thanks for the help gert
  7. Micrologix 1500

    Hello, I have had the same program running for 10 month in a Micrologix 1500 with a couple of input and output modules and a HMI attacted. Suddenly I get an errorcode 29h (An instruction attemted to perform an indirection outside the User Data file space). As soon I clear the error and setting the micrologix to run mode, the error appear right away. I have tryed to look at the data and addresses related to my indirect address instructions, but I can't see anything wrong. Any suggestions, how to figure out where in the program the error occour? Thanks, gert
  8. PANELVIEW 550

    Thanks for the reply, I was confused because I had several tags already. Anyway, I entered a new Integer Tag and it works as you explained..... Thanks again, gert
  9. PANELVIEW 550

    Helo, I am trying to have the PLC monitoring what screen that is currently being dislpayed on the HMI. I have being reading a couple of topic's, that mention to set the Screen Control Tag in the Status Tag under Application Settings (The same is mentioned in the help file, using the "Screen Number" box). The problem is I can not find any "Screen Number" box. Any help will be greatly apreaciated. Thanks, gert
  10. Micrologix 1200 Interrupts problems

    Hello all, Thanks for all the replyes. I used the ADD function as suggested instead of the counter, and everything works fine. The maual mention to use the RETURN command in the end of the Interrupt routine, but it works with and without. Are there any special reason to use the RETURN command? gertsc
  11. Hello, I am having trouble using the interrupts routine on a Micrologix 1200. I made a small test program as following: In LAD2 I have a JSR U:4 LAD3, first lineI have the INT (I/O Interupt) as first command connected to counter C5:1 LAD3, second line I have EII:0/UXI connected to counter C5:2 LAD3, third line I have tryed with or without a RET command LAD 4 is my program In the EII:0 function file Values are set as following: PFN=3 UIE=1 EIE=1 ES=1 IS=0 The others are 0 The Input filter for Input 0 & 1 is set to 1ms (I am just toggling input 0 on and off for now) Nothing happen to the two counters, Any idea what I am doing wrong? thanks, gerry
  12. It works. (Almost too easy) Thanks
  13. I am trying to make a division preferly with a Micrologix 1200 or 1500, without rounding up. When I do the following calculation I get the result "40" in N7:0. F8:0 (228.25) DIV F8:1 (5.75) = F8:2 (39.69565) MOV N7:0 (40) Are there any way to get the result "39" in N7:0 ??? The F8:0 values are between 36.25 and 249.75. F8:0 is always 5.75
  14. Hello all, I have an application where I am running a Micrologix 1200 with to ports. One of the ports (com1) are connected to a panelView and the other (port0) is used for my PLC connection (always connected). I need to send some ASCII charastors from the Micrologix 1200 via a RS-232 connection to another PC, what will I need to do that? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated gerry