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  1. SCADA over GPRS

    What is your question? Or what do you want to share? I have done a SCADA project over GPRS before using IEC 104 and Viola product. We can share and learn from each other because not much different between DNP3 and IEC 104.
  2. Different resolution in the Vijeo Citect 6.1

    Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, it is possible to change the setting parameter and it can run full screen on the bigger resolution, but when I call the trend pages or alarm page it will display the smaller resolution page Any advice? Thanks
  3. Hi all Any one has experience on the Vijeo Citect 6.1? I have developed my project using Vijeo Citect 6.1. The resolution of the graphic pages are 1024x768. Unfortunately the resolution of the actual monitor using is 1280x1024. So How can I run my project on the bigger resolution monitor? Any thing need to be done or any setting need to be change? Please help Thank in advance
  4. HMI & SCADA Display Standards

    It is great idea. I also faced the same issue last times. I had designed graphic page for a electrical control system. At the beginning customer wants that, the line changes to red when it is not energized and changes to green when it is energized. Later on they want red is energized and green is not energized. I am very happy If you can share your experience on this issue. Cheers,
  5. Event list in the Citect

    Thanks a lot Fredrix Your idea is also a good option but I wat to know it is possible to do in seperately, making a mimic of event list. How come Citect cannot do that, it is very normal requirement of a SCADA softwafe. Any other idea pleae help Thanks,
  6. Give me your email addres I will send to you Cheer,
  7. Event list in the Citect

    Hi all In my project I need to display a list of event on the Citect graphic like alarm list. How can I do that? For example: Every times operator starts or stops a motor. Citect has to display that event on the graphic with name of operator and time like alarm list. It seems simple but why I cannot find how to do in the Citect help and Knowledge Base. Any one knows please help Thanks,
  8. @parames: What was your problem?
  9. Super Genie in Vijeo Citect

    Hi all For the problem I have raised before. We can use function named Assinfo to solve. Cheer,
  10. Thank a lot for your reply, tragically I will try to make it more clearly. I have to access data in MNS iS Motor Control Center through Modbus TCP IP. The PLC module i am using is Quantum PLC with NOE card. For the register data (4xxxxx or 3xxxx) there is no issue. I can use IO Scanning or communication function blocks like: READ_REG, WRITE_REG, CREAD_REG, or CWRITE_REG to read and write data. But for discrete signal (1xxxxx or 0xxxxx) how to do?? IO scanning cannot do. With communication function blocks we can use READ_VAR, WRITE_VAR to read and write bit. Unfortunately they are not be used in Quantum PLC, can be used in Premium PLC only. So any one had faced this issue before? I am so appriciated if you have any idea. Regards
  11. Hi all Please help me on the following issue In my system I have a Quantum PLC with NOE card connected to MNS iS Motor Control Center (ABB product). Communication between Quantum PLC and MNS is Modbus TCP IP and MNS will connect to Modbus Devices via sirial link. From Quantum PLC I have to collect data of Modbus Devices through MNS. The Data includes discrete and analog data. For the analog data it is no issue, i can use IO scanner or communication function block to read data from MNS because they are word data (4xxxx). But for discrete data (status, command...), the data with format 1xxxx in MNS, i don't know how to get and collect to PLC????? Thank a lot for any response
  12. Citect displays on multiple monitors

    Hi all Thanks a lot for all your help. My video card is GeForce 7100, so it supports dual-monitor display. My project based on CSV_Include template, I will test with my hardware following your guide above first and inform result later on. Cheer,
  13. Citect displays on multiple monitors

    Thank a lot for your response I have read already. Q2618 said that it is possible but does not say how to do I have two monitors connected to one CPU. I want to display different page of Citect on different monitor. For example, the first monitor will be used to display graphic page and the other to display alarm page. How to configure in Vijeo Citect.? Thanks
  14. Hi every one I need to congfigure my Citect to display on multiple monitors. what configurations need to be done? Thank in advance
  15. Super Genie in Vijeo Citect

    Please help me on following issue I want to create a super genie for circuit breaker. Each CB has different description and when Citect program is running, click on the CB symbol a pop up will be come up with the CB description displayed on the popup. The description should be entered in entry box of genie when I place the genie on a page. In other words I need to display the string, which was entered in entry box of the genie, on the super genie. How can I do that or any suggestion are appreciated Sorry for my bad English Thanks