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  1. S7-300

    Thanks for the reply. No, never got it to work.
  2. Job completed.  Thanks
  3. I am looking for a Modicon PLC Programmer to do some trouble shooting.
  4. S7-300

    Has anyone ever use a Allen Bradley 9300-ENA card with a Siemens S7-300?
  5. Problem Installing S7 Distributed Safety V5.4 SP5

    Found the issue. Had to install f-config_v55_sp12... All is good.
  6. Having a problem installing S7 Distributed Safety V5.4 SP5 on a Field PG.. Must be doing something wrong.. Any help?
  7. Data Collection

    No macro skills.
  8. Data Collection

    I am New to Siemens and running S7-300. Trying to set-up Data Collection from S7 to Excel. Can anyone help?
  9. SLC-5/04

    I will try and answer both. Ron, I do mean DH+. I will need to check the Node address. Mickey, No I was unable to go online with the SLC. Receiving an error that denies access and asks that I download the program again. This I can do but get the same fault and DH+ error.
  10. SLC-5/04

    I have two SLC-5/04 processors (used) I updated a program in one off line in program mode. Installed the processor in the rack of the equipment being updated. Uploaded the configuration from the rack to the SLC then did a download. when I switched to key to REM the processor faulted and the DT+ led went red. Tried this with the second SLC with the same outcome. I have never had this happen before but with two SLC's doing the same thing I feel I must be doing something wrong. Any Idea's?
  11. I have an EP24DC module that will not supply power to the bus. Swapped the module out and still have the same issue. Any Idea's !
  12. My new Associate Controls Engineer was trying to configure a 9300-ENA module and changed an address, now i am unable to go on line thru my web browser. Is there something i can do to start over?
  13. Can any one help? I am trying to write logic to collect data off a Control Logic controler using V.20.03 Logix5000 software. Attached is a copy of Time and Date logic. I there an easier way?
  14. I am trying to transfer data from a SLC500 to an Excel speadsheet via rs linx. Can anyone help with a Syntax?
  15. RF to PLC

    I guess would I was thinking was like unlocking a car by remote. A remote push button that I could fire an input with. Seems simple enough.