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  1. DeviceNet

    PLC 5 requires only the DNet scanner module be placed in Idle mode to make changes to the scanlist. You can replace a device without doing anything as long as the replacement device meets the requirements selected in the "electronic key" setup in the scanlist for this node. I typically disable all electronic keying so that the scanner will allow a device to be replaced by anything else. I rely on the person that is doing the replacement to know whether the replacement is compatible or not.
  2. Compactlogix expert question...

    Look at using an Event Task and trigger it off your input module that has the photoeye. This will help reduce the error caused by processor scan time.
  3. Rslogix 5000 String MOV LD

    Use the copy (COP) instruction.
  4. I agree, Devicenet in Intellicenter MCCs is the best option. According to AB, this can not be done with Ethernet/IP due to the noise from a 480VAC system. For everything else, go Ethernet/IP.
  5. Wonderware 7.1

    Try leaving the domain field blank and enter the same username/password which you use to log into windows.
  6. From Robert D. Law's DeviceNet Bible: "DeviceNet specifications state that 24VDC power supplies must power up to full voltage in no more than 250ms under full load and 7000uf capacitance. Failure of power supply to follow this specification will cause devices to Bus Off (solid red network LED) when AC is switched on to the power supply. If devices go Bus Off when AC is applied, cycle DC power off then on at the supply and see if devices still Bus Off. If they don't then power supply is out of spec. If they still Bus Off, then you have other issues with your network." Another entry from DeviceNet Bible: Maybe you could initiate a reset to the scanner after a set time after PLC first scan.
  7. RSview connecting to ML1400

    Is this for a Panelview Plus or a PC? If Panelview, did you setup the IP and SN for the Panelview? You must set this on the Panelview, not through RSView. Path to PLC processor must defined within RSLinx Enterprise which resides within RSView.
  8. Slc500 Fault

    From the SLC Manual (1747-um011_-en-p): Clearing SLC 5/03, SLC 5/04, and SLC 5/05 Processor Faults Using the Keyswitch Toggle the keyswitch from RUN to PROG and then back to RUN; this will clear some faults. If the keyswitch is left in the RUN position, the processor mode cannot be changed from a programmer/operator interface device. If you return the keyswitch to the REM position, you can then use a programmer/operator interface device to change the processor mode. ATTENTION If you clear a processor fault using the keyswitch, the processor immediately enters the Run mode.
  9. Message from 1761 net-eni to 1756 enbt

    I've never routed a message going from DF1 and out. I've always gone the other way. I think you are close on your path. Assuming you have the table in the ENI setup correctly then 2,49 will only get you to the ENBT. Try this: 2,49,1,0. Adding the 1 tells the MSG to go out backplane of ENBT and the 0 tells the MSG to go to slot 0 of backplane.
  10. Analog Scaling in RSLogix 5000

    That's correct.
  11. Analog Scaling in RSLogix 5000

    Be careful, clamping signal can give the illusion that level sensor is perfectly calibrated at all times.
  12. Rslogix5000 And Vb

    *.L5X only works for ver. 17, correct?
  13. 1b. Set IP address on laptop to xxx = any number between 1 and 255 except 111.
  14. Accuracy of PLC triggering

    That is my opinion, obviously there are others. I would suggest you try both as it is a good learning experience and you will prove to yourself which method you prefer.