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  1. Uploading Program

    Thanks for the info.
  2. Uploading Program

    I'm not very familiar with the Omron software, but am required to support older machines. I have quite a few machine that are using a CQM1-CPU43-E processor and I can't seem to fing the code anywhere. Is it possible to connect to the processor and upload what's in the processor using CX Programmer V7.03 and the CQM1-CIF02 cable? Also anything that I should be aware of when uploading? Thanks All.
  3. PanelView Plus 600

    Is it possible to preload a string input enable button with a value. I'm using the button to bring up a keypad to allow the user to enter a recipe name to save in thye processor. The problem is if I just want save to the existing recipe name the operator needs to remember what name was and retype that name in. It would be nice if the recipe name would get pasted into the string input enable so they could just press return.