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  1. Dear Experts, I have problem with PLC Modicon 984-785E. The PLC go to the STOP mode. I do not have software modsoft 2.6 for diagnostic. Can you help me and give me this SW.? Thank you. Best regards Jiri
  2. Simatic S5 - COM ET200 V4.X

    Hi, I have problem with PLC CPU S5-95U. I'm replaced the PLC and now I need download configuration file to the DP-Master. I need COM ET200 V4.X SW. Please help me with this. Thank you. Best regards Jiri
  3. HMI Adapter V5.1

    Hi everybody, i need use Simatic S7 HMI Adapter v5.1 6ES7 972-0CA11-0XA0 for communication between PLC a HMI. Default setting is 9600 8.O.2. I need use another communication speed. How is possible change baudrate at this HMI adapter? Thank you for help. Regards Beny
  4. Hello, thank you for help. Good idea. This program working excellent. Beny
  5. Hello, i have issue with index register analog Input reading. I use for communication DeviceNet, for reading parameters i use Explicit Message function. I need index register adress for reading Analog input. I don´t know this index register number. Please help me with this. Best regards Beny