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  1. Modicon Quantum

    [1 thing about Unity though. It is NOT natively designed for the Quantum. It IS however for the Premium series. When used with teh Quantum there are Addressing issues to be decided . Concept is easier with the Quantum, and easier to learn. You may be able to find a schneider rep that will get you a temporary cd that will work for I think 15-30 days. If that s not enough time, install it on another computer to finish. Unity is a VERY powerfull Object Oriented package, it is great.
  2. Wonderware System Platform

    I have been a Wonderware user since it was a DOS based product. Having said that, I will admit that around 2000, Intouch seemed to begin to lag behind other HMI's. The owner of Wonderware (Invensys) wanted to radically change the product, by the Archestra platform. The Application Server has finally matured with the Version 3 release and Intouch 10.0 . They now share a single IDE for development and the Object Oriented paradigm is great. If you are doing a significant amount of development, it may be worht your while to at least get a demo version and see how it can work for you. Nik