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  1. Simotion Printing press

    Its Simotion for sure I have several motors in different locations driving diferent parts of the machine none are physicaly connected. Thank you for the reply
  2. Simotion Printing press

    Hello I have a web based printing press, we upgraded the motors from DC to servo drives as part of a reconfiguration. We have 5 motors driving at varous point, but tension control is very poor. After 12 months of repeated visits the engineering firm that installed and programmed the equipment has been unable to eliminate the problem. I believe this is mostly due to the control method used i.e. velocity mm/s rather than the current/tension control mode used by the old DC drive systems. End result is cyclical tension variations that can be felt by hand as the machine shakes, caused by each control loop fighting the others in a giant feedback mess. I would like to know the following Is it simotion scout that would be used to program the system Are programs locked can I suck it out and drop it back in without password.
  3. programing for backlash problem

    I'd imaging even if you did what crosbow says over time backlash will increase requiring constant adjustment if positioing is critical. Add a 0 position sensor, or directly measure position with feedback attached to moving part not the motor. Standard mechanical solution to backlash is travel past 0 to say -5 then back to 0 always meassure in the same direction, this will produce accurate positioning. Make return distance 501
  4. OLD PLC gear

    Hello guys I have a pile of old A2 plc bits and pieces that I don't need. Some used some still in packaging. I was hoping to sell it so I can spend the proceeds on workshop equipment that the boss would not pay for other wise. Any idea where I could sell it? other wise I will be dumping it in the bin.
  5. simotion PID control

    Hello I have a web printing press that is a conglomeration of 3 different presses run my a simotion system. the con fig is as follows 1 tension unit servo driven 1 printing press line shaft from large servo drive 2 tension units servo driven 1 printing press line shaft from large servo. we added the 1st 2 sections this Xmas and have had tension stability issues between the 2nd 2 tension units, in the form of a repeating bounce/hammer in the web, we can see it on a dial indicator on a roller shaft. This problem was not present before the addition. After checking all rollers in the press for run out and changing a few, none more than 2 thou out the problem is still present. The 2 tension units are running as slaves to the last drive in line with a PID trim for tension control. The integrator has set the integral to 1000000, this seems wrong to me but he does not want to listen. So my question is, is this a reasonable value for this type of application. I can stop the bounce by setting the tension zones to wildly different values i.e. 12-24-12-32 (kg). I think the tension units are fighting each other creating the bounce. We have also had problems with the motor driving the first printing press making a large amount of noise, initaly we thought it was mechanical but can find no fault, the problem comes and goes suddenly and is not affected by speed (volume or sound frequency) happen from motor start to full speed. Inverter noise is also excesive on this motor can be heard above blowers and press on other side of room (6m away) Any idea as to the cause of this one. Hope this makes sense Thanks
  6. Barcode scanner on Q00CPU

    If you are using 1D bar codes i.e. Ladder 2of5 or pharacode the lazer line readers are better than the CCD units, but wont do 2d codes Sick units are very reliable but expesive, Symbol are cheap but less reliable. When I say reliable I mean they will read on the first try, all will read the correct code. Make sure you program the code length or you may get incorrect codes. I find the lazer line much better than CCD models For fixed units I use the sick units CLV440 are OK but the CLV430 (multi line) are better, both are lazer line. I think the newer units have ethernet built in If you are looking at more than 1 or 2 go Ethernet with a serial to ethernet converter ($100) if required you can have upto 16 units on a single Q ethernet module that way. Programing for ethernet is pretty much the same as serial, I have both serial and ethernet connections for barcode scanners to a Q00 PLC. Most hand held units are optional for the type of interface but mostly USB or keyboard wedge, serial is going out of style. See usb to ethernet converter for this, but I have not used one
  7. can you reset the counter after each time period. What type of inverter are you using, more advanced inverters will have a pulse train input that you could use to feed the encoder signal into, and avoid the digital to analogue conversion. e.g. the Eurotherm 650 drives have an electronic gear box function that will track the line shaft position, with an electronic gear box function
  8. Need to send ASCII code via com port

    Build your ascii code from Hex pairs, ascii tables are in the GX developer help menu i.e. 33= 3 in ascii. I'd guess you still going to need to send ascii to your wedge. You would need to send the following Hex string 636f6e74726f6c2054 = control T But be aware you need to put the character pair in the correct order in the data register which would look like this D0 - 6f63 d1 - 746e d2 - 6f74 etc as viewed in the monitor screen, always seems backwards to me. Where are you getting the wedge from I have an app I could use 1 with but could never find one.
  9. Second hand equipment

    I don't know what happened there so will start again Hello Guys I have some new equipment, I noticed it has a mitsubishi AX10Y10C module installed but not connected to any thing but power and fieldbus (yes second hand equipment but this as new as I normaly get unless I make it myself), it does not have any function as far as I can see. Does anybody know what the AX10Y10C is, looks like a distributed I/O module to me, is it CC-link or another protocol. Was wondering if its worth trying to use, currently I have a pair of Q serries PLCs and a CC-link network running the machine this equipment will be connected too. would be handy to have it respond to the central control system rather than work seperatly.
  10. Second hand equipment

    Hello Guys
  11. Inverter Flying start

    Ok Guys Don't know if you guys will know this or not but have the following problem I have a large fan running off a FR F700 inverter. Takes the fan 5 min to coast to a stop. Operators dont always want to wait 5 min to restart and object to the lock out timer on the start circuit. I need to be able to restart the motor without the inverter dragging the speed down when it starts it acceleration sequence. What parameters do I use to enable a flying start without tripping the inverter out on overload/voltage. I initialy thought the flying start, but this seems geared to compenstate for power failures not normal stops Now I think the regeneration avoidance function may do the job, and plan to use the following settings. Pr 882 - Regeneration avoidance operation selection = 1 Regeneration avoidance function valid Pr 883 - Regeneration avoidance operation level = 595 = (415v * sqrt2) + 10v Pr 884 - Regeneration avoidance at deceleration detection sensitivity = 3 Pr 885 - Regeneration avoidance compensation frequency limit value = 9999 - Frequency limit invalid Pr 886 - Regeneration avoidance voltage gain = 100% Will these settings work? Are there other ways to achieve my aim. Thanks Carples
  12. CC-Link Woes

    I ended up turning the speed down 1 setting and the system stablised, and is no longer causing trouble
  13. MX components and FX3U

    Thank you guys Using the FX2N drive works correctly.
  14. MX components and FX3U

    Hello People What is the version of MX components required to run with an FX3U PLC via serial My current version does not have FX3U as an option