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  1. Programing Cable

    Alternativly you can use the standard CPU Mounting 3G2A6-LK201-EV1 which can be used for C120/C200H/C500/C1000/C2000. however if memory serves me right for the C200H there is a funky metal extension plate to allow the CPU connector to link onto the processor. Used one years ago but can't remember what the part number is. If this would be of use I can check on Monday as it's still in my box of misc programming bits. Regards Chris
  2. C2000H to CS1 RS422 Communications

    Well i'm glad to report success. it appears that the CX-Protocol now ships with a protocol set to allow communication to C series PLC's. The protocols are also now being shipped in the latest issue of the protocol macro card. After some tech help from Omron UK, got the system up and running. Transfering 108 Words of CIO data, 450 Words of DM data. Typically a 15 second scan cycle to transfer the data. Regards Chris
  3. CS1 I/O Address Mapping

    I've just re read your post and realised i've gone off on the wrong tack. really all your trying to do is swap the I/O addresses of card 1 & card 2 over. Just swaping the card positions on the rack and updating the I/O table will achieve this.
  4. CS1 I/O Address Mapping

    There are possibilities The first is the most expensive, move all the cards up one position and put a spare unused CIO I/O card in the first slot this will force all the CIO units up one. the 2nd i've never tried but it might work. within the I/O table for CS1 plc's there is the option for a dummy I/O selection again move the I/O cards up one and leave the I/O Slot 0 empty. within the I/O table select a dummy I/O module for the first slot. this will again move the I/O addresses up one.
  5. I've got a Compaq NX9005 which does have a real RS232 port and works fine with the 1747-PIC. You have to let the system install the specific PIC serial driver. Chris
  6. C2000H to CS1 RS422 Communications

    Hi Jay, thanks for the help, Things have been really slow from the PLC side, so i've been off doing other things. All these PLC software frameworks flying around really restrict the smaller private company from developing skills and undertaking projects. So we tend only to pick up the difficult or unusual that others won't even look at. Regards Chris
  7. C2000H to CS1 RS422 Communications

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help, I'm trying to read information from Data Memory in a C2000H PLC to a CS1 plc over a RS422 communications link The C2000H is fitted with a 3G2A6-LK0202-EV1 RS422 card the CS1 is fitted with a CS1W-SCB41-v1 Serial Board, RS232 / RS422. Anyone any ideas. or help
  8. Modbus configuration

    Does anyone know how to configure a CP341 Part No. 6es7-341-1ch010AE0 from RS422 two wire to RS485 4 wire, the spec says it's possible but I can't find how to do it.
  9. RS-232 40meters?

    In my young and foolish days I installed a RS232 link between at C2000H LK203 card running at 19.2k to a NT600M. The RS232 was transmitted down a 5 pair 0.75 BS5308 screened cable to various plug points where the NT600M could be connected. Worked fine out to about 40metres which was the furthest point on the system. must have been lucky or maybe the increase in the cable size helped. Regards Chris
  10. Siemens plc system

    Well i've just upgraded to the V5.2 of the software and alot of the gripes of things that were missing from changing from RSLogix have been sorted, we'll have to see how it pans outin the long term.
  11. SATCON 05 & DOX 05

    I'm doing a project where we have to tweak a SATCON 05 PLC. I've got DOX 5 Version 4 software but there's no manuals or help files as it's been sat in a draw for the last 10 years. Does anybody have anything that might help to get me out of this hole i'm in.
  12. Basic Electrical Symbols



    These are basic electrical schematic symbols and blocks that I use for control panel design sorry there is no menu but i've always used the insert command so never got round to writing one. They are design to fit on a 10x10 grid.
  13. File Name: Basic Electrical Symbols File Submitter: chrisbramall File Submitted: 1 Nov 2003 File Category: Tutorials and Guides These are basic electrical schematic symbols and blocks that I use for control panel design sorry there is no menu but i've always used the insert command so never got round to writing one. They are design to fit on a 10x10 grid. Click here to download this file
  14. Well after a whole 30 secs here is. Product Code AB2711K10C16 Description PV 1000 COLOUR KEYPAD RS232 DF1 Product List Price £2,618.00 EACH Extended Description Allen-Bradley's range of PanelView 1000 operator interfaces offer flexible configuration and communications. The 10.4Inch colour VGA display features TFT technology with 640 x 400 resolution. Ideal for both PLC and SLC500 controller applications, the PanelView 1000 is available in seven versions - Remote I/O, DH-485, RS-232 (DH-485 not PLC5), RS-232 (DF1), DH+, DeviceNet and ControlNet. The operator screens are enhanced by the pixel graphics LCD displays and are designed with flat panel displays offering minimum depth. Screens are configured using PanelBuilder development software including such features as a WYSIWYG interface and the ability to work with multiple screens concurrently. Product Highlights Active matrix TFT display: 211 x 158 mm Pixel graphics (VGA) - 640 x 480 16 function keys (keypad version) Keypad or touch screen versions available Built in printer port Supports various communication options Application screens: 30 (typical) Voltage: 85-265V AC (24V DC units available - add L1 to product code) The AB Range has a variety of Operator interfaces in both touch and non touchscreen versions, various size and monochrome. As far as the receipes go thats down to you to do the software for the LOI and PLC.
  15. We didn't have too many problems but keep a rolling check on the data stream using a time output transmitted from one PLC to the other and back again. If either PLC did not see a change for a set number of seconds the system was configured to shut the process down until the communications was reestablished. The radio system used was an RDT unit with a range of 10km but we were working at approx 0.5 km so we could dial the power level down a bit, and we could selected a free frequency. I havn't come accross the spread spectrum units but they sound pretty could from kens description.