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  1. Hi there,


    Thanks for answering my thread regarding a screen capture for the PanelView screens.

    I was not very clear in my thread so to clarify a few things:

    This is in fact for the PanelView Plus screens. I'm using FavtoryTalk View 8.0 for the software to create and transfer the MER files to the screens after they're compiled.

    I wasn't aware that my colleague had actually made a PRINT button that when pressed, it uses an installed PDF print driver to save an image to a PDF file of whatever screen it's on. So, that part is sort of resolved.

    However, at this time when the button is pressed it saves the screen image to a default file name. In the event that multiple screen images would want to be captured, it would continually overwrite the file with the latest image. Not real handy.

    So, the next issue is to somehow create a typical "Save As" dialogue box through the PanelView so that the file could be renamed in the event of multiple screen captures. We're not sure how feasible that is to do with the PanelView Plus screens. It's sort of a Windows thing I would guess but perhaps a macro could be written to handle that.

    Also, while I've got your attention, the next part of this is for a user to insert a USB drive with an autorun.inf file that would open a batch file and copy anything with a .PDF extension over to the USB drive automatically. I've done some testing on that today with fair results but it definitely is not smoothed out. If you've ever run into anything like that before and have some suggestions or a solution, I'd appreciate hearing about it.