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  1. GOT2000 mail setup

    I have a GT2510-VTBD and trying to get the mail working. I am a little confused on setting up the SMTP server was wondering if any one has done this yet. Thanks Kevin
  2. I have been asked to network up to 5 DL340 plcs and a couple C-More HMIs. The customer has existing equipment (compressors and refrigeration) that they want to network for setting adjustment and status overview. Is best way to use DirectNet and set up one plc as master. I am not real familiar with Automation Direct plc or networking options so looking for the simplest and cleanest solution. I do have to add one plc so the master doesn't have to be a DL340. Thanks Kevin
  3. GOT2000 Pass Through to a FX3G

    So you can just foward the the PLC to a port and connect thru the internet using GXWorks2. We have tried this and have not been able to get it to work. Even in GXWorks it does not give an option to do this. Thanks Kevin
  4. GOT2000 Pass Through to a FX3G

    We do not need to go thru the GOT but unable to see how you can go directly to the FX thru the internet.
  5. GOT2000 Pass Through to a FX3G

    This works but I am trying to go across the internet and connect to FX thru GOT Thanks Kevin
  6. GOT2000 Pass Through to a FX3G

    I have a GT25 connected to a FX3G with a FX3U-ENET-ADP ethernet adapter. Have everything working including the VNC for the GT25. Know we would like to connect to the GT25 thru the internet and passthru to the FX3G. Does anyone know if this is even possible spent a bunch of time yesterday but with no luck. We can connect to the GT25 via USB and connect to the FX but not thru ethernet. Thanks Kevin
  7. DL350 comm ports

    I have a DL350 plc that is connected to a C-More hmi thru port 1. I need to connect to a GS2 drive thru port 2 using modbus. What is the best way to do this and still be able to get online with pc. Thanks Kevin
  8. Not saving in GXWorks2

    Thanks alot never would have found that. Kevin
  9. Not saving in GXWorks2

    1.No 2.No 3.Only been saving as single file format, where would you set the project and workspace names 4. Just tried and it came up with the same error. I can send the program to you if that would help nothing special about it. Thanks Kevin
  10. Not saving in GXWorks2

    Not sure what most of that stuff means and have yet to talk to anyone that does. Mitsubishi has seen this fault had has offered no suggestion. I am not a big Mitsubishi guy and have only started using it resonantly. Used to AB and Omron. Thanks Kevin
  11. Not saving in GXWorks2

    Ignore the last one had a different program open but everything is pretty much the same.
  12. Not saving in GXWorks2

  13. Not saving in GXWorks2

    I am having problems saving programs with GXWorks2. This has been going on since last summer and I have contacted Mitsubishi support but have not gotten an answer. I have a 64bit laptop running Windows 7. The GXWorks is version 1.91 but this is also happening on another laptop and that has 1.499. When I go to save as single file format the attached message pops up. Thanks Kevin
  14. Just added a C-More touchscreen to existing system and need to change timer values from screen and haven't had much luck. I have tried using the R and TCA value but neither seem to work. I do have it set as a BCD 16 word., I have found on other forums to use the V memory but it doesn't allow me to add that. The timers I am using are T650-T657. Thanks Kevin
  15. MR-J3T set Acc/Dec THru CC-Link

    I have a MR-J3 servo that I am trying to change the acc/dec. I realize that I have to set the parameters but I am a little confused on what the code number needs to be. It shows an example of how to change the jog speed in the manual. The code number is 820CH I figure the C is hex for PC12 but where does the 8200 come from. Thanks Kevin