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  1. Hi, I have a problem with CPU SLC 5/03 and the led fault is ON and not flashing. Not is posibol connection for RS232 and RH485. I try to jumper and disconnect the battery and not is posibol connection. What is the solution ? Bye!!

    Hello all, I have a similar problem with a NS5-SQ01-V2 and CF Kingston 256MB. I use this CF in the PLC and I have no problem. The NS5 report an Error 10 when it start. I copy the files RecoverUpgrate_8_4 (Bank1.......Banck2....) and when it start the LED is orange and does not start the NS5. What is the problem ? Thank's all.
  3. Backup Thinkio

    Hello all, It is posibol have Backup of program wiht Campact Flash of a Thinkio-C ? Greeting.
  4. read PLC variables from CoDeSys on ThinkIO

    Hi, I need file target for Thinkio to CodeSys. Is posibol send my. Thank you for help. Greeting.
  5. Help Thnkio-C266-FB

    Hello all, What is link to download target file of Thinkio-C266-FB at software CodeSys ? Thank you!!!
  6. Help! Conextion PC-Modem=Modem-NT

    Hi, Okey. Thank's for information. One question. It posibol conection a NT2S or NT20 Modem for programing ? PC-Modem=Modem-NT2S or NT20. I need information of schema connection and configuration. Thank's
  7. Help! Conextion PC-Modem=Modem-NT

    Hi, Please someone will have information on how to connect and configure the program to download a screen NT2S-SF121 and NT20. Thank's
  8. Help! Cx-Modem

    Hi, Thank's for all information!!
  9. Help! Cx-Modem

    Hello, Please!!!! I need help!! I need the program CX-Modem Support Tool. On the Web EUROPE-OMRON is not posibol download the program CX-Modem. Even when subscriben. Someone knows the link to download the free program. Thanks.