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  1. hi can you help me i have problem on my cj1w-scu31-v1 not communicate at my program can you please help me

  2. Dear All, I am intermediate to using the RSLogix500. My project is concerned to add PowerFlex 700 drive that is communicating over ControlNet Redundant Media 20-COMM-C module. It is requested that kindly guide me the procedure how to give commands to change Frequency and Start or Stop the drive and display the Alarms regarding Motors and Communication Disconnection by using the Tags in RSlogix5000. it is easy to understand if images past of above guide. Thanks MD
  3. Convert Unicode to English

    Hi All, Recently i upload project from FATEK FBe PLC to troubleshooting, but i stuck over the comments which are showing all seems like this ­(ì®Æ ªñ±µ). It was designed by chines company and i hope they write comments in chines language so that's why its illustrate like this. anyway i need a converter who can convert this code into English for understanding. If anyone have done this already kindly share with me. or any suggestion to my guidance. Thanks and Regards Mohammad Daniyal
  4. I have download a Reporting software LOGIXML 10.0 that connect the database through ODBC. but i never configure the database servers yet like ODBC etc. now this software need some connection information that is below: Driver={Watcom SQL 4.0};Server=;Database=MYDATA;Uid=;Pwd=; kindly help me how can i fill these parameters to connect, whether i had try many time to the different settings.for example Driver={Watcom SQL 4.0};Server=TagServer;Database=mydatabase;Uid=MMIUser;Pwd=MMIUser; these above settings retrieve from the odbc data source DNS configuration. but could not connect. if anybody have work to get access the RSView32 Watcom SQL 4.0 to connect database with other reporting software kindly share and help to connect. Thanks and regards
  5. i am working on Project that Logged the Data of Power Analyzers in RSView32 SCADA. But client demands that they want a report of daily and monthly basis and that would be selection according to their need. so kindly suggest me if there is any tool that Rockwell Automation provide for making report in Excel connecting the Data base with RSview32 logged, or need to program it in VB, and unfortunately i am not experienced with VB so kindly guide me. Thanks for the Co-operation,
  6. EPEC Controller Library

    Hi Friends, In these days i am working on the EPEC controller to designe the "Crane Load safety System". So therefore i am using the CoDeSys v2.4 for programming with it. Here i need some library in CoDeSys for EPEC controller to do it more functional, and want some idea to handle the controller. Could you please tell me where to find these Libraries for this EPEC 2023 controller, that would make me top-to-up by using this stuff. I should wait for your reply and i hope you people guide me to find it or have it. Regards,
  7. S7-226 CPU

    i have read all threads regarding your attached link, but there is not mention anywhere that which PG/PC interface we should use with MPI cable to communicate with S7-200.
  8. S7-226 CPU

    Thanks for your kind information.
  9. S7-226 CPU

    Is that possible to upload the project from S7-226 through MPI serial cable.
  10. 3-Element Control for boiler

    Thank you very much Cetronic, i get your advise and i also making the calculation plan for controling. hope you function block should help me in this way. My boiler is a WHRB and 18TPH Steam flow. the physical volium not much clear. and i get you point to follow. Thanks again for this effort. Regards.
  11. 3-Element Control for boiler

    Thank your very much to all who are trying to achive my solution. Thanks again. Hi Centroni, this my email address. i only want how to start the loop from initial stage when boiler is ready to start up. either should we use ramp/soak function or just enter the setpoint and click on to Auto and water will start get in to the boiler drum, or maintain the water level manualy and then we start it from by Auto, What thoes strategies should i apply that can i run a boiler that thing i was asking you guys. if any body have an idea please share.
  12. 3-Element Control for boiler

    But this is not the 3-Element loop block. and language also not understandable. do u have any better solution
  13. 3-Element Control for boiler

    GX IEC Developer
  14. 3-Element Control for boiler

    I want to designe 3-Element Control Loop for boiler in Mitsubishi FX2N. Kindly guide me to how to designe it from starting procedure.
  15. Honeywell HC900

    am working on Honeywell HC900 and it is my first time to working on any DCS, so some sort of things in the designer first time in my experince. i want to use the SPP (Setpoint Programming) function block in my project but i am not much fimilier with this fuction bolck, i have seen the Function Block Reference Guide but not to clear the concept of using and programming and Profile and Segments, what is ramp and sock..etc. of the SPP block. Is there any person who can clear this thing with example. Regards, MD