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  1. New Cx-One won't install on 64bit Laptop

    OK I contacted my guy at Omron USA tech support, he over-nighted me the new ver 4.1 on a DVD. According to Omron, it aas to be installed on Win 7 Pro or higher. So while I was contemplating upgrading my Home Premium to Pro, I said " What the heck, I'll try it anyway". Dropped the disk in and away it went, completely installed all of CX-One and 64bit drivers. After install I checked on several PLC's and NS units. Programmer, Designer, and Integrator all worked OK, CJ1's, CJ2's, C200's, & NSJ's, NS's. Now happy, I installed on 5 new 64bit laptops and all work as they should. Now if I could get the Device net for Safety Controllers in a 64bit version. I talked to Omron/STI rep last week, he has informed me that it is in progress, but no release date set yet. Just a little inconveinence having to use a 32bit laptop when working on the NE1A's.
  2. Fanuc Weld Robot Work Cells

    1st Question; Resistance or Mig/Tig Welding Answers to some of your questions 1. Robot to Controller has ground cable on Fanuc Green / Yellow striped. Always way to long, Trim this cable to exact length just to reach base. Extra coiled wire can act like a antenna. We run additional bonding ground cable to the welding gun frame and tie this back into plant ground grid. On resistance welding our transformers are at gun end so the 480v primary side runs through external RB harness. If you have a primary cable that rubs a hole in the insulation then the 480v pulse will feed back through the pulse encoder shields( gnd) back into the controller, always resulting in fried , driver, controller, and sometimes additional boards So be sure to bond gun or Transformer and robot base. Ask me how I know this..... 2. Seen no direct effect to drive or PLC except through external devices 3. Ask third party, guess it depends on their construction 4. Weld immune sensors have a place, usually dealing with Mig/Tig , Can't put them everywhere due to so many variations. In resistance welding due to the strong magnetic pulse associated with weld pulse lots of times this causes the sensor to blink OFF to ON or ON to OFF. We usually add a contact in the PLC that mutes the affected sensors while the HEAT cycle is on. This basically cancels the sensor switch during the actual weld cycle. 5. Use multiple external axis for part move in and out as well as shifting around for weld point access. Just use good grounding or isolation, depending on the type of welding controller and type of weld. Hope this has helped a little, we have around 1000 robots , doing all types of welding, laser cutting, plasma cutting, and assembly, running around the clock 5 days a week, See you deal with Fanuc's , I have been working with Motomans for almost 15 years, now have switched to Fanuc over the last 3 years, headed back up to Rochester Hills next week for the Advanced Programming Class. Guess we have around 900 MM and 100 or so Fanucs. Just turned 30 new Fanucs over to production in the last couple of weeks. Got about 85 new DX series Motomans in route from Japan right now, gearing for production in Jan.
  3. New Cx-One won't install on 64bit Laptop

    Sorry guess I should have included more info. Using Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit i did find info on Omron site stating that it will not work on 64 bit OS. Still seems strange that previous version works OK except no USB drivers have to use USB to serial adapter for 64bit
  4. Been running 3.2 version for awhile. Got new V4 and tried to install on my 64bit laptop and after selecting English, it pops up and says " Can not install on a 64 bit OS" Is there a work-around for this or a method I am not aware of to install? Thanks
  5. CX-One Update / Windows 7

    Been running CX-One here for about 2 months on Win7 64bit laptop. Had to buy a 64bit USB to Serial adapter then all was OK. Have been using CX-Prog, CX-Integrator almost daily, both toolbus and via ethernet. Have not been able to use CX -Designer via the USB direct connection but with adapter it works but is slow. Also haven't been able to get Config for Device Net Safety to talk to Safety Controller using usb but can backplane it through toolbus. Currently there are no 64bit USB drivers for NS Screens or NE1A Safety Controllers. Hopefully soon, because it shure would speed thing up alot.
  6. Omron USB Driver

    I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit laptop, got CX-Programmer, CX Integrator, and CX Designer all working using a new 64 bit chipset serial adapter and 64bit drivers. This is working as com4. Still haven't been able to get USB direct to device ( CX-Designer & NE1A Safety Controller ) working yet. Still working on these 2. No Virtual Machine running or available on Home Premium.
  7. NS using Memory Card for log storage

    Thanks for info, but I have researched and tested doing this. The way the manual states and also as it seems to work is that when bit SB33 is set to 1, it causes a csv file to be written to the memory card. Once this is complete it automatically resets to 0. Every time this bit is set causes a write, it will overwrite the existing file since it only uses one file name. That's why I was wanting to at a minimum be able to give different names ( date stamp ) so I could save many logs. Regarding the Ethernet, I only have it available on about 10% of 250+ NS terminals. So need an alternate plan. Thanks Again
  8. My first post!! I am wanting to write the event/alarm log to the NS memory card. I have written the macro to write the log utilizing SB33 bit. This is a one time write per trigger/execution. This also overwrites the previous csv file from previous trigger. Is there a way to use the memory card as a storage device. Doing the above method will only write the current log, up to 1024 entries, over-writing the previous stored csv file. So I need to either write the file with a different name( perfer date ), or just keep all entries on the card utilizing a stack with date stamp. Hope I've explained this good enough, Omron tech hasn't been much help yet.