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  1. HMI-Barcode Reader USB

    Dear All, I'm trying connect Barcode USB to HMI that read content via Barcode. However, I only read 1 times after installing HMI program although clear bits reading. Who have experience about this, could you share your experience to process it. Note: My barcode has 10 characters Thanks so much! TEST-1.GTX
  2. Can't open *.GTW

    Hi all, I have project and I saved as compressed file. But, I open in other PC again, it can't open and alarm as image attach. If any person have same problem and have solve, pls share it for me. Thanks and best regards!
  3. GOT-Barcode reader

    Dear everyone, I would like connect Bar-code Reader to GOT that read Bar-code to input data on GOT 1575 VNTB Note: Barcode Reader is symbol model & I have use Power electric 5V to nourish And, I would like confirm that have conflict reverse electric  from Bar-code Reader to GOT or not? Thanks so much
  4. Q172CPUN and MR-J2M to control position

    Thanks Crossbow, I also finding and study about it, but not really clear about it. Do you have  MT Developer  software and can you share it for me  
  5. Hello Dears, I am studying to control position via Mitsubishi device Now, I have Q172 CPUN and MR-J2M(MelServo) to control position. But, I didn't find manual that explain command and parameter to do it and it has the example to do it. who have experience to control position, pls help me to overview it. Thanks so much!
  6. Reverse content in GOT1000

    Thanks so much Sparky I will try study more in documentation If I find the method, I will share for you and who person have experience about this, pls help me to solve this problem.
  7. Reverse content in GOT1000

    Thank you Sparky I looking for your information.
  8. Reverse content in GOT1000

    Thanks you for your rely However, I already try as your comment, but it's not ok. I would like add more information as below. 1. I already reboot OS of Touch panel and install again 2. Image display as below. 3. Alarm: 481 Communication unit not mounted to the slot of active channel ==> I think this alarm because I've not yet connect with PLC If you have other comment, please share it for me.
  9. Reverse content in GOT1000

    Dear all, I have GT1565-VNTB, But suddenly, it's reverse content and position of touch is don't change. It's difficult to control its. Now, I'm want to change it to normal. Who know about this case? Can you help me to do it?
  10. open file create on GT designer 2 on GT designer 3

    Hi, Actually, you don't need convert and you can open with GT3 But, you need load file from your device and save it as compress type.
  11. GT1055 and Barcode Reader

    Hi Ianreeves Did you have connect GOT with PLC? Did you select option: Read directly input to object? If you select Yes ==> You don't need setup address in here, but you need setup mode input data for address. If you select No ==> you must be setup in system information to reset flag via Barcode reader (bit 6)
  12. Read data in CF Card

    Dear Sirs and Madam, I'm want to read data from CF Card in GOT via FTP from PC. I have done it with GT15. However, I add CF Card to GT16 VNTB and can't access file in CF Card as below image Who person have experience about it, May you help me? Thanks so much!
  13. Send/Receive data between GOT1565 and PC/Microcomputer

    Thanks for your support. But, I have more confuse in this documentation: (1)- Documentation only raise GOT-A900 Series and GOT-F900 Series. So, Should I do GOT1000 as GOT-A900 or GOT-F9000? (2)- Do I read/Write data from GD Device? Because I only see Virtual for D, R, M, SD ... not GD,GB. Ref: Documentaion: sh080532engq.pdf ==> Page: 1282
  14. Dear Sirs/Madams, I am studying to connect between GOT1565 and Microcomputer/PC via RS232 However, I only see the documentation for GT-A900 and GT-F900 So, I'm wan to ask you: Can GT1565 connect with Microcomputer/PC via RS232? Who did it? can you help me? Thanks so much!
  15. GT1000 Compatible RS232 "barcode" readers

    Excuse me! who have experience do it, please share it for us?