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  1. BitDefender Endpoint Security

    You are OK, RSLinx it is going to work fine.
  2. This is what you need
  3. I wona add mine 10 c This is what I would use: The Ethernet port has several uses: • Download program to panel • Communicate to PLCs/PCs • Send e-mail • Access FTP server • Act as a Web server • Remote Internet Access Ethernet connections: • Productivity3000 • DirectLOGIC Ethernet • Modbus TCP/IP • Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP™ Server - Generic I/O Messaging (ControlLogix™, CompactLogix™, and FlexLogix™) • Allen-Bradley EhterNet/IP Client - Tag Based (ControlLogix, CompactLogix, and FlexLogix™) • Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP Client - MicroLogix 1100 & SLC 5/05, both via native Ethernet port • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000, 1100, 1200, 1500, SLC 5-03/04/05, all via ENI Adapter • Entivity Modbus TCP/IP • Omron Ethernet FINS • Siemens Ethernet ISO over TCP
  4. i have a project created with RSView Version 4, my labtop has RSView version 5 installed so when i open this project with version 5 the next step is to create runtime application(.mer),which with version 5 you can choose other older runtime application versions, so i selected version four and then i transfered that runtime application to panel view plus after the application is finished loading to the panel view i have an error that the panel view is not comunicating with the PLC, when you look on the screen you can see the panel view is searching for tags on the PLC, and when you try to click any buttons the PLC doesn't respond. The comunication we are using between the panel view and the Micrologix 1500 is the internet, and i don't have a problem with the comunication between my labtop and Micrologix 1500. I was thinking i have corrupted the installation on RSView Version 5. Does anyone have any other ideas what could be the problem?
  5. MicroLogix 1500 Comms

    SEARCH WEB OR ON E-BAY 1747-L553 $880-$3000
  6. MicroLogix 1500 Comms

    I had a similar problem but I chose to use SLC 5/05. This processor has internet communication ports. All this input and output module, whatever you need can be put in. I hope that helped you out!
  7. 1230-SSS

    manual for 1203-sss is on
  8. 1756-M02AE module is used for controls server drives. Do these motors that you are using have brakes? For motor speed control you can use analog input cards and power flex drives. With external encoders and limit proxi. switches you can control when to stop the motors. I suggest that you use motors with brakes. Hope this helps you.
  9. ML1400 vs Compactlogix L23E

    I'm not sure which processor you will use but I think it is this one: 1769-L23E-QBFC1B I hope this link down here will give you more information on this processor.
  10. On RSLinx Lite: configure drivers, under available driver types select ethernet devices. On that driver, you're going to add every Host Name address (ex. When you're finished with that you will save that by clicking Ok. After that, go to properties under Local Area Connection and select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click on Properties. Change "Obtain an IP address automatically" to "Use the following IP address" and under IP Address (ex., under Subnet Mask (ex. and then click OK. Go Back to the RSLinx Lite and under Ethernet driver you should see all PLC connections. I hope this helps a little bit!
  11. RSView ME Installation

    I used to have an old version of rsview ME and i installed the new version of rsview ME. And my master disk still works with the new version of rsview ME.
  12. RSLogix 5000

    On this website you can find RSLogix 5000 sample programs Good luck to you. Safety first!
  13. Thank you for your help and your answer. On channel configuration the program has "write protected" checked. The image of the channel configuration is attached. And I tried to dump the new program with the internet connection. I think that "write protected" should be unchecked. I guess I'll have to try that Monday. What do you think?
  14. Hello all, I have a SLC 5/05 at home and I am trying to get online with it but I can not, there is a message asking for download a program, but when I try to do it there is a message that says "couldn't get processor ownership" and I can not dowload the program?
  15. You can check out this site