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  1. I had an application of CX-Supervisor v1.1 which stores and retrieves data from a database. It's been working with MS Access for a while and it did it relatively fine. Due to new requirements with the data collected we decided to migrate the DB to SQL Server. After the migration, I found that the command DBExecute with the function "Find" works terribly slow when the number of records in the query is high. Curiously, this doesn't happen with Access. The table es opened and the recorset is read at normal speed, but the search of a particular record is unacceptably slow. Unfortunately SQL Server doesn't accept variable parameters in the queries so I cannot use the parameters feature provided by CX-Supervisor to filter the queries. On the other hand, as far as I know, the SQL strings cannot be built programmatically built during run time in CX-Supervisor. I need to make sure a record with a particular value in the key field does not exist in the table before saving a new record with new data. Besides this, I need to retrieve any specific historical record from the database for viewing. In both cases I need to use the DBExecute/Find command. Any idea on how to overcome this problem? Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Ethernet with CS1-H and CX-Supervisor

    Thanks for your reply. Yes I was connected serially before. I finally got it choosing "Ethernet" in the "Network Type" selection. I still would like to know how to connect them in FinsGateway mode. The IP address of the PLC is set with number swithches in the back of the Ethernet unit. Then, the node number switch is set making sure it matches the last octet of the IP address... I've noticed however that the Ethernet connection works a little less stably than the serial connection as it hangs for short times once in a while. The communications get lost and restablishes some times Any suggestion on how to improve this condition? Any guidance on how to set up the FinsGateway mode? Thanks to all
  3. Hi there, I need to set up an Ethernet connection between a PC running CX-Programmer V3.0, CX-Supervisor V1.1 and a PLC type CS1G-CPU42H. At the PLC side I'm using a CS1W-ETN01 Ethernet card along with a 10Base-T conversion adapter. At the point where I am, I'm only able to ping the unit from the PC and get the reply, however I cannot get it connected with the CX-Programmer or the CX-Supervisor. I've tried different things but without any success. Could anybocy please assist me on this with a step by step instruction? What I'm pursuing at the end is to run the CX-Supervisor SCADA application in Ethernet mode at Ethernet speed, and if possible, monitor and program the PLC from the CX-Programmer, not necessarily simultaneously. I appreciate your help and thank you in advance.