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  1. CJ on Optic Fibre Ctrl Link ?

    Since some years have passed since this was discussed, is this  now a product? I have a remote panel, with a fibre optic run already in place between the control room and the equipment space.  I need two or three digital outputs, and two analog outputs in the equipment room.   Can a CJ2 be paired with remote IO, or perhaps to another  CJ2 over a fibre link with a proven product? Thanks for any suggestions!  
  2. project or PLC mode

    Thank you Jay, Michael and Bob!  turns out it was a poor data  ground to pin 9 via the circular connectors on the case bulkhead.   I had measured low ohms originally, and tested both wiring harnesses in both machines, error stayed with one machine. Was confident in the wiring, not so much in the programming.  Oops.  It is working in both machines now - but I am sharpening up some sloppy programming, so not a bad thing. Thanks again!
  3. project or PLC mode

    Is there a place where I can monitor the raw data string  coming into SCU41V1  Unit 3 port 2? That way I could see what changes when I read it to the CPU...   Yes, the unit numbers for the SC41 is the same.  Setup on all 4 machines is the same, program is the same.   I have since started from scratch with one PLC, hopefully can clean up the program and find my errors. 
  4. project or PLC mode

    It is SCU41 V1  Version 1.3 DM30198/30199 is COFA A808  which to me is 192 250 168 08 instead of 192 168 250 08 is this normal?   Do I need to set the IP address beneath the "Broadcast" box as well?  and subnet mask?  I had it there, with 255 255 255 0 as subnet, but had a blinking erh led.  It is not blinking now...  
  5. project or PLC mode

    Thanks again,.     Jay, so to specify directly for unit 3, serial port 2 I would put  C = 0000 C+1 = 00 (81 + 4X3)  o 008D ?  I will check if it the serial port unit is  V1.2 or later when I get to the office. Thanks again!  
  6. project or PLC mode

    Thanks guys. box is checked - two PLC's work, two dont.  Identical programs in them.  Still scratching my head as to why RXDU does not work on two machines. Am only using TIMX, no problem with timers. The yellow LED on SCU41V1 (RD2)  stays lit on the two machines that don't work.  All honeywell barcode readers work on the same two machines, but the rxdu does not work on the other two machines - so not an external hardware issue. Bar code connected to port 2, unit 3. 1594.06 (completion flag) stays as open contact on ladder, not letting rxdu have a chance. A202.02 (in series with 1594.06) is closed most of the time - seems fine.   Have swapped around SCU41and connectors separately and issue stays with the controller.  I am thinking I have a hardware issue with two of the four controllers?  I admit, my programming is beginner level - so I keep thinking that is the problem, but my troubleshooting leads me to the controller itself. The ascii text it is trying to read is something like ID12345 or ID12346 etc.  Sometimes it will be SN(for serial number) then 5 to 7 numerals. Takes D200 through D204 in space, although up to D209 is left available for longer numbers.  As I scan new codes, the working plc's basically replace the old ID code with the new.  On the non working machines, it adds to the total # of bytes to transmit.  Instead of D200 to D204 reading  "ID12345",  I had "IM0"  ascii or "494D30" Hex.    
  7. project or PLC mode

    Hi, I keep getting an error that project is in binary mode and plc is in BCD mode.  Wont let me change either. I must be trying in the wrong place...please point me to where i can change this in the PLC.   I am getting an error in my RXDU with a Honeywell barcode reader, on one machine, I am thinking it is related.   thanks for any help. 
  8. RXDU issues

    I have a data logging process on a CJ1M CPU13 via RXDU command on port 2 of SCU41-V1 It has been working, but has stopped.  There are 2 identical machines.  Both Honeywell bar code readers work on 1 machine, while the "RD2" led stays lit on one machine, and wont complete the RXDU command.  On the working machine, it simply flashes quickly during data receive.  I have compared the program in both, and it is identical. Cabling from both machines have been tested - works on one, not on the other.  Even swapped out SCU41-V1 with same results, so I am pretty certain it is a setting in the main processor of the non-working unit.  I did a compare of SCU settings and they are identical. #0 is moved into C  #2213 is moved into C +1 on first cycle.  Unit number is 3 1594.06 never seems to complete, which is an open contact in series with A202.02 (N.O.) to trigger RXDU (255) A202.02 is value 1 1594.06 stays at 0 when I trigger 1594.06 via laptop, it sends garbage data once.     Any ideas?  
  9. compass rose for HMI

    Has anyone built a decent looking compass rose that they wish to share? I have tried making a few, but none looked good. Do any of you ever use a compass into any of your systems? Yes, I am being lazy here, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Perhaps if I make something decent I will post it here.
  10. Did you meet with Adrian DeGroot by chance? Or Jason Stanley? Schilling seems like they keep pretty good company! What are you working on, if you are allowed to say?
  11. List Selection

    My client wishes to occasionally update the xxx.lst file used for the LIST SELECTION in several places. I have been updating their lists for them once a year, but they want the ability to do it on their own. I was going to tell them they would need to buy CX-One. Alternatively, is it possible to update the .lst file directly from the NS screen keyboard, or from the compact flash card in the PLC CPU or compact flash card in the NS without having CX Designer? This is not such a serious issue, (so Jay) don't feel the need to find a solution. I am quite happy updating it for them once a year, it takes less than an hour to do all of them on their 4 systems. Just thought I would pose the question to see if it had been done before.
  12. CJ1M and ETN21 Setup

    DO you need a crossover cable, or will a straight cable work?
  13. FTP into CJ1M CPU13-ETN

    Thank you once again Jay!
  14. underwater remote operated vehicles or ROV There is a student ROV building competition, students can win scholarships and find jobs offshore if they want to be doomed to spending all their time travelling...better to do it young prior to families, or they will just end up divorced like all the other offshore people. Oops, not too motivational. But the ROV competition is. has the big ROVs to show what is possible. For younger students or old kids (up to 50 or so years), Lego makes a small robot kit. They use Labview and have a lot of open source stuff available to promote sharing of ideas. Quite affordable really, with servo controllers, light sensors, etc.
  15. FTP into CJ1M CPU13-ETN

    I found some information here:;hl=ethernet I have now changed the IP address to and the mismatch error is gone. Still can't FTP into it.