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    HELLO I'm looking for the pinout of the db9 Messung Smartline senior ex HMI programming cable. Can you help?

  2. Hi Sir,

    Understood that you have resolved the MODNET_ACL issue.

    I got one software backup which requires MODNET_ACL for running. It is in Windows XP.

    Can you kindly help me and give instruction on installing this driver? High appreciate if you can send me that driver and instruction to me at khongsang@gmail.com

    Thank you very much.

    Have a nice day.


  3. Ken , Thank you for the valuable guideline . I opened the backup that i have in logix version 16. the standard Add on was sucessfully imported. since i dont have the old software version 8.52. I am not able to see if i can import the addon in the same version. I will try to open the program in its original devlopment version , and try to import add on. I will share the outcome of it. Does version 8 supports AOI ? I m not sure. do you any idea? May be i will need the support form prosoft . Thanks onece gain. Tushar k
  4. Dear all, Greetings and merry Christmas !! I am modifying one controller , which is 1756 - L55 & Logix program version is V8.52. My task is to add one prosoft -(MVI56E-MNETC) module in local chassis, modify the logic code, so that required data is available on modbus for use of some DCS communication. Here is my question : Will this module support programs V8.52. or it supports V16.00 and above only. Thanks Tushar K
  5. Citect SCADA V 6.10

    Gambit, It worked finally..............!! Many Many Thanks for you guidance.& support ......!!! I am veryy happy . You are Great....!!! Tushar.
  6. Citect SCADA V 6.10

    Gambit , Thanks for repply I have added a board and IO device too. but what should i write in port number of ports dialog box, I have attached a jpg it shows port number for S1_LANB_3 is 26.; Is there any specific base for putting this number or it is a just number. i mean how this number is decided???
  7. Citect SCADA V 6.10

    Thank you for help, the device to be cofigured supports Modbus TCP, ie it will be MODNET in citect. When i saw help for configuration MODNET. i casm across following Special Options Enter the destination IP address of the PLC. Use the following format: -Ia -Pn -T where: a = the IP address in standard Internet dot format. (For example n = the destination Port number. Often one physical port has several virtual ports, used for different purposes. Use this option only if you want to override the default of 502. -T = forces the driver to use TCP, rather than UDP (-U). He i got little confused "Use this option only if you want to override the default of 502." means what? My Ip adress is, & port is 502 , If write special option as : -I10.23.38.10 -P502 -T is okay ?? or considaring above undelined staement Use this option only if you want to override the default of 502., I have write something else. What should i type there in special options? MB_TCP_CFG.bmp
  8. Citect SCADA V 6.10

    Dear all, Thanks for Guidance . I Have got so called driver . There is new Challenge for me now. And i will need your further guidance. The citect SCADA is to be interfaced with the Gas chromatograph (Siemens Maxum Edition II ), I ahve recived modbus map for the required parameters which are to be displayed on Citect HMI. Can somene guide me how to do it , (Which Driver i need to use , and how is to be configured it.) They will use Ethernet interface or Serial RS485 port. your reppieds are highly appriciated. Thanks TK
  9. Citect SCADA V 6.10

    Gambit , yes, it may be like that. ( If i get the MODNET_ACL protocol)! How i can include that protocaol to my project? Gambit , This is my first time work with Citect scada, so i need to ask questions so many times. ( Sorry for inconvinence);
  10. Citect SCADA V 6.10

    Thank you for the support and advices, I have restoured the backup and started working. When I restotred bacckup, and compiled it i have a single error. MODNET_ACL Unknown protocol. I tried to browse the driver list available. I can see MODNET protocol but cant see MODNET_ACL. Is this a propritory protocol. or its the same MODNET , But renamed somehow by development peoples at the time of development.? Cane someone advice me on this? I have attached the complation error. Thanks Tushar K
  11. Citect SCADA V 6.10

    Gambit , Thank you for guidance. I will Contact the distributers. One more little query, Can i modify some graphics in running projects withoght development key , or i will need the development key for that work, I have recived running backup of existing scada. I am supposed to add two buttons in one of the exixting page. and one extra page. Please guide me further " what is the essiest way to do it?" My assumption: I will install 6.10 on local machine , restore backup, do modification & backit up, and test it at site. Tushar K
  12. Citect SCADA V 6.10

    Hi All, Greetings !! This is my first time work with CITECT SCADA, I have downloaded V 7.20 from the Shnider web site. When I restored the provided backup , configuration was changed a lot. ( ie. Cluster was not there, and so on) When i looked the Log file , I found that the bacup provided was in V 6.10 , & when i restored it it was updated automatically. Heence I need V 6.10 , I tried to find it but there it is not available. Requesting you all , for further guidance if there is any download link (where i can download trial version v 6.10) Thanks in advance. Tushar k
  13. Hi All , Wish you all Happy New Yer 2011, God bless you all & your wishes come true. I am doing SAT of one project, There is CLx processor and analog Input card IF16I which is configured as Float differantioal , Ch0 is for Weighing scale A, Ch1 is for Weighing scale B, both scales gives 4-20 ma form their tramsitters. Scaling is as 4ma = 0 count & 20 :: 32767 counts . The program uses standard SCALING block downloaded for rockwell, which calculates 0% offest and 100% as the scale wights CAN (empty 0% and full 100%). Now Thescale A: Ch0 is ok . but the ch1 count value is lached to count 33998 , when i opened knife switches it is still there , Iwas expecting 0 or - 0.000 data there in ch1.data. I can not reset the data ebven i tried removing card from that slot. Still data lached there. My obsevarion is when i removed card Ch0 shows same count 33998. Is there anything to do with RTN terminal and iRTN ?? Please suggest /Advice.
  14. ACH file conversion

    Software is IPDS - 6200 . it can be opened in this software. Also look for file *.list or *.lst. it contains the actual ladder. I am not sure about it but i have opened same type of backup in this software. Try and revert back in case if you need any help. Tushar
  15. Activation location

    Hi, If it is stillin your system ...you can locate it. just close all rockwell softwares. alos RS linnx. Now go to start--- rockwell softwares---utilities...move activations---- select apropriate drive from c: to D: (it will show if available activations ), also try inbetween drives. d to c, d to e, or e to c. if you have node locked activation , it is *.Lic file...located in c:/progfiles/.....rockwell software/ common/ ...activations... just try it. Thanks,