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  1. S5 STL Help

    Yes, the first scan activates the flag F1.7 The second  disable the flag 
  2. S5 STL Help

    F1.7 is an one shot coil STep 5 doesn't have a specific instruction for one shot.
  3. Old HMI

    no, you can not. The file .FWX is compiled and there is not a decompiler. You need the source file
  4. Problem with ModBus on S7-222

    You reserved memory VB69...VB848 for library, so you cant use these registers for data. in MODBUS_INIT put the first data byte at last input "HoldStart", not in the range of library memory; i.e. if your holding registers are VW1024, VW1026, ... put "&VB1024.
  5. TS Adapter

    It's possible, but you need the Teleservice add-on for step 7. By Teleservice you can configure the TS-Adapter as PC-adapter direct connected to serial port.

    If your card has a 25 pins port this may help you 6ES5-AS511_card
  7. Exponential function

    LN 3.0, VD0 *R 2.38, VD0 EXP VD0, VD0 the result in VD0.
  8. s5

    If you have a Siemens PG with 25 pin port this is the cable. AS511_cable
  9. Crapped out CPU Dilemma

    Yes, you will not have to make modifications. CPUs 115 are very old. The software doesn't contain references to the type of CPU. The 942 is a bit faster and it have more RAM than 941.
  10. S7 200

    If you have installed Linx and Microwin in the same PC the Linx will occupy the serial port. Shutdown the RSLinx communication service in the desktop at right, bottom.
  11. Needs S5 and S7 Manual Book

    You can download all simatic manuals from Siemens Germany Web site http://www4.ad.siemens.de/csinfo/livelink....teid=cs〈=en Look at the tree at left ....
  12. Unknown symbol

    Hi cdisher, I live in Italy, but i can't download your file. Send it to me by e-mail Regards rgua