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  1. Modbus Driver

    something like this?
  2. yeah, but id rather use their webshop and not stuff half the money down ebay/paypals pockets :D and there is a 5$ discount on their webshop!!
  3. what I meant was that there was no need to state what you have said in every other post about the tsx 07 and cables, but just keep to being constructive :) but on another note, found a cheaper OEM cable on this webshop its 34$ and then 24$ in shipping to denmark, too bad there aint retailers of such nearer and half the cost is postage :(
  4. I dont understand why you as admin work against your users with problems instead of giving advice etc if you have knowledge on the topic. Im a student, I had the components at my hand, so why not try and save what is alot of money for me :) but in the end I migt have to invest in a cable if there is noone that knows more about this seriel comunication :)
  5. that is the pdf I talked about in first post, that i used to solder the SUBD9 after
  6. That doesnt work either :(
  7. Hello I have tried to simulate a original TSXPCU1030 cable for the modicon TSX07 31 2428, I have already been connected to it using PL707 and a original cable that i borrowed, so I know it works :) Picture of my setup is attached at the bottom of post. What I have tried to do is using a RS232 to RS485 converter and 2 cables. the cable from PC to the converter is soldered as descriped in the cable pdf that comes with the PL707 installation. pinout of my SUBD9 seriel cable: PC side 1 ,4 and 6 are shortcircuited 7 and 8 are shortcircuited 5 to ground 2 and 3 are crossed 1 : DCD 2 : RxD 3 : TxD 4 : DTR 5 : GND 6 : DSR 7 : RTS 8 : CTS 9 converter side 2 and 3 are crossed 5 to ground 1 2 : TxD 3 : RxD 4 5 : GND 6 7 8 9 pinout of my mini-DIN cable as connected to the converter 1 black : data - 2 white : data + 3 red 4 yellow 5 violet 6 blue 7 green : GND 8 brown : +Vs my knowledge about seriel communication is unfortunately limited, and the above does not work, so can anyone tell me where I went wrong.