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  1. Siemens TIA Portal 16 Graph Language

    Your probably know this… insert an FB under language when inserting see if graph shows in the drop down
  2. Problem Step7 5.6 Windows 10

    In windows control panel, Do you have a pg/pc interface? does it look the same? if so, I would try to re-install and click repair worth a try 
  3. S7-200 programming/replacement

    Can I ask what state or where you are located?
  4. CPU Load Calculation

    Instruction execution time is also based on cpu type. So add a column for each cpu Unless this is a huge process, this is a waste of time 
  5. CPU Load Calculation

    What information would you enter in for Emerson or Honeywell? I would like to see details. Please post a pic of their spreadsheet  Those are DCS systems. For Siemens you would use PCS7
  6. CPU Load Calculation

    SherV What cpu? Its more complicated than just I/O, How big will your program be?, how many pid loops?, how many bits, math instructions etc etc  look at page 239 for example  https://adegis.com/media/asset/62980bffb9be8c695300a7be8205648169ddffc9cc372fb8d47fb759915f9ddc.pdf#page231 Possibly make a spreadsheet from the instruction times on your cpu type  
  7. Software requirements

    Roy   For S71200 you only need this They are also quoting you hmi software- which you didnt mention in your post   6ES7822-0AE07-0YA5 (UPC: 195125194526) SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic V17 DL SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic V17; Floating License download; engineering software in TIA Portal; software,
  8. S7-200 failure?

    Gotcha I thought I might be able to help But I’m too far away. Your far from North or South Carolina :)
  9. S7-200 failure?

    Colonel Where are you located? what state?  
  10. Error PLC S7-300

    Just an SF light or SF and BUS Fault light?
  11. Comfort Panel text problem

    I’m happy it helped 
  12. S7-1500 redundant CPU hardware configuration

    Yes. IO is done via profinet and IM The cpus just need 24vdc. You can decide whether 2 - 24vdc power supplies or 1
  13. Comfort Panel text problem

    Sounds like a language selection issue  my guess is your adding text in one language but your hmi is displaying another 
  14. Siemens TP900 HMI - Unable to go online

    There’s really not an “online” with hmi’s like you would with a cpu. In other words, you don’t get the unequal symbol like on a 1200/1500 What are you trying to accomplish?  
  15. Encountering my first Siemens PLC

    Bob As you can see, there’s no shortage of opinions on this site.  I think it’s human nature to dislike what they don’t know or are not familiar with.  Or inherited from an Europe OEM. :) While I do agree that S7400 is getting long in the tooth. An upgrade from AB to Siemens today would be to an S71500, not the S7400.    also find your original Step7 program and don’t go with Lite version