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  1. RSLinx pc transfer question

    Ok, It is done.   I figured out that the OPC setup is stored in the registry.   I was able to load the hive of the old computer and find the correct keys.   I then used those as a model to set up the new OPC topic in RSLinx with the same name.  The HMI software was able to reconnect and scan the topic after that.   After everything was set up and working, I made a backup of the configuration so that maybe next time I won't have to struggle with this.
  2. RSLinx pc transfer question

    That is my fall back, if I can't just copy the info.  There are a lot of points and no good way to see them in a list on the HMI software.
  3. RSLinx pc transfer question

    The ones that I was thinking about were in the RSCommon directory under program files.  I would also look at the file dates to try and find the ones that look like have changed more recently.  If i do get it working, you can bet that I will be backing it up when I am done.
  4. RSLinx pc transfer question

    The original PC is dead, so I can't back it up.  I have a copy of the data and files recovered from the faulty hard drive.   I was hoping that i could overwrite the configuration data for RSLinx with the recovered data and make it work.
  5. RSLinx pc transfer question

    I have a customer who had a PC with an RSLinx Classic installation die.  The RSLinx was being used as an OPC server to collect information from a PLC5/25 through a 1784-PKXT DH+ connection and serve the data to an Automation Direct Lookout Direct HMI program on the PC.   We have a new PC set back up and the customer was able to have the hard drive recovered.  I am trying to get their system back up an on line.   After I install RSLinx, can I copy the files (harmony project, if I remember correctly) from the recovered hard drive into the new PC and have everything work?  or will I need to completely re-set up the OPC server?  I really doubt that they had used the backup utility.  But if they did, what file extension and location should I look in?
  6. CS1 to VB via ethernet data format?

    I am creating a Visual Basic application that will need to receive data from an Omron CS1G processor via an ETN21 card. I have several options to getting this data out of the processor. I have converted the data to ASCII and packed it together in a CSV format. I can use the function CMND(490) to have the PLC send the data, I can use the function blocks (_ETN001-4), or I can use fins commands to have the VB read the data from the processor. I have seen the programming example for the fins commands and it looks like the data is transfered from the PLC to VB in byte format, not as a string. Do the other two options (cmnd and function block) also transmit data in a byte format also? Unfortunately, I do not have the hardware available to test with, I will have to program before I actually hook up. Thanks for your assistance. Scott E.