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  1. ask for a instruction in citect

    Are you sure this is a CitectSCADA function and not a custom function in your project? Which version of CitectSCADA are you running?
  2. popup page in citect

    How do you open the popup? If you use the cicode function WinNewAt you can open the popup either as a normal page (mode 0) or a child window (mode 2). In both cases the popup will stay open.
  3. I use SqlAppend, just as described in the KnowledgeBase (Q3773) SQLSet(hSQL, "SELECT *") SQLAppend(hSQL, " FROM EMP"); SQLAppend(hSQL, " ORDER BY last_name"); SQLExec(hSQL, "");
  4. First you must configure the database and add the required tables and users, you may use HeidiSQL to do this: Let me know if you need help with the initial setup of the server/database. Then you must download and install the MySQL ODBC Connector: The ODBC configuration is usually located in Administrative Tools in Control Panel, you may find various examples here: I may post a screenshot of my ODBC setup tomorrow In Citect we then use SQLConnect and SQLExec to interact with the database, I can post some examples when I get back to work tomorrow
  5. If you use the MySQL ODBC driver, communication with Citect should be just as easy as writing to a DBF... Let me know if you need any more help, I've just finished a project with Citect and MySQL myself
  6. You can use MySQL - it's free, and it works!
  7. SCADA: VB.NET solution

    Where do you get this from? K&R never developed C, they wrote a book about it (and maybe did some tweaking of the syntax)! C was developed by AT&T for UNIX and later implemented as a standard by ANSI. I will agree that it's a more difficult language to use, but no other language is as powerful as C/C++. But I don't personally use C/C++, I primarily use C# and PHP VB6 is officially dead, Microsoft ended the extended support period in March 2008 and the designated successor was Visual Basic .NET. That should be enough for anyone to stop using VB6 to develop new applications, as I mentioned earlier - it doesn't even work on new computers! And then of course you have all the limitations, how do you make a VB6 application multi-threaded? You can't... But you still haven't answered my question, what do you use it for?
  8. SCADA: VB.NET solution

    Well, C/C++ is actually the only language you can use to develop anything, for any platform (almost)... I really can't understand how you can find .NET more cumbersome than VB6, what do you use it for?
  9. Citect Word>PDF

    You might use CtAPI to read variable data from Citect in VBA, VB or C#, would that help you?
  10. SCADA: VB.NET solution

    Have you actually tried developing on the .NET platform? Firstly, it's not only for web applications - it works perfectly for desktop applications as well. You also won't need any license for any of the .NET platforms, you may even get the IDE for free! (Express edition) VB is practically dead, it doesn't even work on Windows Vista (without messing with the registry and adding old system files, if you can find them)! If the development time increases from 1 week to 6 months by moving forward and choosing the newest technology - then you really should find something else to work with... (VB.NET is not that far away from VB6) After I moved from VB6 to C#.NET 3.5 both my productivity and knowledge increased - fast! I would like to know which IDE you use for VB, because if you think the interface is better than for .NET - you have to be using something else than me!
  11. SCADA: VB.NET solution

    VBA is still included in Office because .NET never was meant to replace VBA, it was meant to replace VB and C++... However, more and more software projects utilizing VBA is looking to replace it with .NET. Eg. the developers of CitectSCADA are looking into replacing VBA with VB.NET or C#.NET in V.8...
  12. Citect and Cicode

    It would be easier to help you if you post some code :) How do you write to the tag? TagWrite?
  13. Citect,Cicode Forms,

    Did a small test here, and it worked very nice
  14. Citect,Cicode Forms,

    Hi, It looks to me like hForm is a global variable, that's why it only works for the last form If you do like this instead, it should work: INT FUNCTION StopShip() INT hCurrForm, hCurrField; FormCurr(hCurrForm, hCurrField); FormDestroy(hCurrForm); Alarm_Control_Reg_S =CurrentFb BITOR 0x04; RETURN 0; END
  15. I’m currently in the planning phase of a project involving extraction of data from various Omron files. I need to read the values of PLC memory areas from .mem files, Backup Tool and Memory Card. I have found and understood the structure of .mem files, so that should be easy, and Backup Tool saves all memory areas in a .mem file. But I have not been able to interpret any data from the memory card. I suspect that the .IOM files on the memory card contain IO Memory data, does anyone know if that is correct? And if not, where do I find the IO Memory Area? And most important, how can I interpret data saved in this files?