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  1. Fx series connection

    many thanks for your help, I checked the back of the e100 and it does have a rs232 port as well as the rs422, can I set this unit up in transparent mode? The reason I need to see both him as well as plc as I think the him is not sending commands to the plc
  2. Fx series connection

    Hi folks, I have a simple question for some of you, how do I connect a SC-09 cable to a FX series plc which also has a E100 display plugged in? is there a through plug or splitter which can be purchased a bit like siemens profibus piggy-back connector. Many thanks for your help.
  3. TD200 help

    Is there a way to display a screen selected from the program? I have a step sequence which requires a particular screen to be displayed for each step without the operator scrolling through the screens to find the right one. I dont seem to be able to find the addresses for the screens, i have not used the td' for some time and Im a bit rusty!
  4. Is it possible? The reason I'm asking is that I have a spare one of these and its a handy bit of kit but Im a Siemens user! and was wondering if there was any way to setup the comms between them. Might be a stupid question but I thought I would ask anyway. Thanks for any help.
  5. Proportional control help

    I'm using a 200 series PLC with analogue I/O modules. I have a row of 5 hydraulic cylinders with linear feedback controlled by 5 double acting proportional valves respectively. One cylinder is to be the master and the other 4 are to follow and correct for any diviation. The question I'm asking is, what would be the best way in doing this: should I use the analogue input from the master as a reference, or a PID wizard? I'm a bit unsure at the moment until I start to play! any advice would be most welcome.
  6. Moving from 200 series to 300's

    Many thanks for that I feel so much better now!
  7. Moving from 200 series to 300's

    I have been using 200 series for some time now, and was thinking about moving up a notch due to larger more complex projects. Is there a big difference in the programming? with microwin and step 7. Any pointers/help would be great.
  8. TD200C AND S7-224XP

    Thanks for the advice I've bought a tp177 micro instead, should be upto the job.
  9. TD200C AND S7-224XP

    Hello, I have a program on a 224xp which has a list of subroutines which represent individual tests these subroutines were originally selected via a manual selector switch via plc inputs. I now what to replace the selector switch with a td200c enabling me to 'name' the subroutines so the operator can scroll up and down find the 'test'(subroutine) which is needed and press enter which would allow that subroutine to run. As Ive not used td200c before I would really appreciate some help. Many thanks.
  10. 200 series remote comm's

    Many thanks Rod for the advice, Im hoping I wont have to use it but it will save me a trip to India! If there are any issues.
  11. 200 series remote comm's

    Hi Ive been asked by a client if it is possible for me to give remote plc support for a rig wew have just built which is to be used in India. Im using a 214XP with 2 i/o expansion modules 223's i think. Ive been on the Siemens website and seen they do a comm's module but I have very little experience in this field. How difficult is it to set communication for fault finding and basic program alterations etc any help would be great, many thanks.
  12. Problems entering a subroutine s224xp

    Hi, Ive since managed to get into the subroutine I have a pass out and a fail out (L0.0 and L0.1) these seem to be causing a problem and wont work properly, I can try and save the program as an earlier verson i that would help.
  13. Hi there, Im new to siemens so please bear with me, Im having problems entering a subroutine. I can call it ok but when I monitor the subroutine it just doesnt seem to respond, I,ve started the first network with a sm0.5 but this doesnt seem to latch the first 'set' and 'reset'. What am I doing wrong. Ive attached the program if anybody can help, it would be much apprieciated. Husco_Indian_RV_rig_1.rar
  14. Entering and leaving a subroutine in a sequence

    Im pretty sure its the sim program Im using I tried another program with subroutines in and it didnt like that either. Im going to try it on the plc tomorrow, its the first chance Ive had so hopfully it will be ok.
  15. Hi I am on my 3rd step of a sequence control (s7-224XP) which requires me to use a subroutine Im having problems getting in and coming out it seems to be freezing the program. My network basicly consists of M0.2(NO), I0.4, then Im stuck, do I have to route through the subroutine to do my set and reset for the next step? or run the subroutine parallel to the set output for the next M0.3?? any help would be much appreciated.