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  1. STEP7 BASIC V12.00

    I always like the simplicity of the microwin software but that series plcs are being discontinued soon. I don't know why plc programming software packages need to be so slow & bloated. The newer software is what turned me off the siemens plcs.
  2. I like the plc, but the directsoft software is soooo 1997. ;) . The microwin software is a good example of a pleasant software package. I like cx-one also, but that is a bit bloated.
  3. Also keep in mind that 4mA instead of 0mA allows a 2 wire sensor to remain powered up.
  4. PID Control for DL06 or GS drive

    DIrectsoft 5 has a wizard to setup the pid loop. Go PLC -> Setup -> Pid For pump pressure it's very easy to setup the parameters. When online with a plc then you can go View ->Pid View. It will open up a window to tune the parameters to make the pid loop work to your liking (hopefully ;) )
  5. CX-One update frustrations

    Well Jay, thanks for the link to My hd became irratic recently (got all my stuff off) and I reinstalled windows on a new hd. Installed CX One, did the registration from scratch, all went fine and update came up with an error again. Started searching here and came across this thread. I had forgotten about it, but it saved the day again. Thanks once again.
  6. I opened it up today, and it had nutrients all over it. I must have gotten wet and the water dried up leaving the nutrients behind. Cleaned it up, still the same thing. I guess it lost its eeprom settings, or something is blown. I wonder if it's possible to load the firmware back in yourself with those.
  7. Hello all, I have a 226 cpu, and can't get communication going anymore. The Stop, Run, Diag, and the first 8 input led are all flashing on & off simultaneously. I can't use wipeout.exe since I only have the usb ppi cable. Anybody else has any experience with this s7-200 behaviour? Thanks, Arjan
  8. CX-One V4

    Does V4 finally include 64bit usb drivers for the plcs and hmis?
  9. DL06 LCD Display

    That's what I figured. I had some small hope that somebody could prove me wrong.
  10. DL06 LCD Display

    Hello, I am using the LCD display that mounts on the DL06 and it works great with the LCD function. I haven't found a way to pick up the arrow keys etc. on the display to interact with the plc. Is anybody aware of a way to do this? I was hoping that the keys would set some bits in the plc memory when pressed. It would allow for changing some values in an userfriendly manner. Thanks, Arjan
  11. Omron USB Driver

    You can also load your program through a serial port. If your laptop doesn't have one, a cheap usb to serial adapter (make sure 64bit drivers are available) will work. If you're plc has ethernet, then that will also work. If you want to use USB, then a 32bit operating system is a must afaik.
  12. NP series

    I heard from Omron up here that the np series will be discontinued shortly. The NV series will replace it. NV Designer is now part of CX One, it gets added with a recent update. I've used some NP screens, not overly pleased with them. Graphics are nothing to write home about, and NP Designer crashes when you load a background image with a higher resolution then the screen itself. Also, you can't import symbols from CX programmer easily, eventhough they are both omron software packages.
  13. CP1 Relay Failures

    Sorry about that, I guess it does. I always use diodes on DC applications, but never bothered with ac circuits. I do feel that DC, at a give voltage, draws more of an arc then ac does. PLCs with transistor outputs are especially susceptible to burn out when a diode is not used.
  14. CP1 Relay Failures

    Keep in mind this only applies to DC loads. Changes are it is DC when output relays fail. DC loads create more of an arc then AC loads, especially when switched off.
  15. NS12 V8.10 update

    Thanks for the offer. I have the file now, used ftp to temporarily sent it to a site and then I retrieved it. Used a canon 32mb card and updated the system. Worked like a charm, I am back in business. I agree, Wilson and Jose are great. I also deal with Tyrone who used to do Wilson's job years ago. He works for the Automation Dep. at Torbram Electric now. He was there yesterday trying to get things going with me. We couldn't get the file send to use at the site, then there is nothing you can do. Thanks again, Arjan