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  1. Version Control Software

    Give this a look. Kindest Regards, chas183
  2. Logix5000 V20 won't start

    Could try this. Registry entries regarding RS5000 became corrupted for an unknown reason when toggling settings in the toolbar menu. To reset RS5000 to factory default settings - internal settings and registry entries, close all instances of RS5000 on your machine. Then open RS5000 by holding ctrl+shift and pressing enter on the executable icon (do not let go of ctrl+shift keys yet). Once RS5000 opens with the start page present, let go of "ctrl+shift" keys. RS5000 has now been reset to factory default settings. Not sure if it will solve your problem but easy enough to try. Kindest Regards, chas183
  3. Do you have a part number or a place to purchase? Kindest Regards, Chas183
  4. Does anyone have a good recomendation for a serial bluetooth adapter? What I would like to accomplish is to download perameters to a Sick scanner from my laptop. Would a Bluetooth serial adapter at my DB9 (Laptop) be needed and another at the Sick? Is it possible to use the internal Bluetooth (Laptop) with a purchased serial to Bluetooth adapter? Currently looking at this device Iogear GBS301 Bluetooth Adapter Kindest Regards, Chas183
  5. VB Script and DDE How do I write a value?

    ShiftNumber = ShiftNumber + 1 ShiftNumber = Chr$(ShiftNumber) If ShiftNumber > 54 Then MsgBox "Value entered to high. Please enter a value from 1 to 6" & vbCrLf & "Please adjust Before Proceeding", vbOKOnly, "Warning" LoopTest = True GoTo LoopExit The code above is a start to enter a value in ASCII to put into an integer word.
  6. VB Script and DDE How do I write a value?

    This is what I have for the write, The topic is the same for both read and write. Sub Forge_PLC_Clock_Write() 'Dimension Variables for DDE Command Parameters Dim RSIChan Dim DataFile, DataElement, DDETarget 'Dimension Variables for General Use Dim ProcessorNum Dim DisplayData Dim HourData, MinData, SecData, MonthData, DayData, YearData Dim DateData, TimeData Dim ScratchPad 'Establish a maximum number of Processors to Talk to Const ProcessorNumMax = 4 'Dimension Arrays for Access to Processors Dim DDETopic(ProcessorNumMax) Dim TopicDesc(ProcessorNumMax) Dim ProcType(ProcessorNumMax) 'Temporary Variable for Shell Command Return Code Dim ShellResponse 'Clear ScratchPad Sheet6.Select Cells.Select Selection.ClearContents Range("A1").Select 'Establish Initial Values 'Processor 1 Declaration DDETopic(0) = "191b" 'Replace with an actual Processor Name from Your Network TopicDesc(0) = "write shift" 'Replace with an Actual Meaningful Name from Your System ProcType(0) = "SLC" 'Enter the Actual Processor Type SLC / PLC / CLX 'Processor 2 Declaration DDETopic(1) = "" 'Replace with an actual Processor Name from Your Network TopicDesc(1) = "" 'Replace with an Actual Meaningful Name from Your System ProcType(1) = "PLC" 'Enter the Actual Processor Type SLC / PLC /CLX 'Processor 3 Declaration DDETopic(2) = "" 'Replace with an actual Processor Name from Your Network TopicDesc(2) = "" 'Replace with an Actual Meaningful Name from Your System ProcType(2) = "CLX" 'Enter the Actual Processor Type SLC / PLC /CLX 'Processor 4 Declaration DDETopic(3) = "" 'Can be left blank if not used TopicDesc(3) = "" 'Can be left blank if not used ProcType(3) = "" 'Can be left blank if not used 'More Processors Can be Declared Here if ProcessorNumMax Constant is Changed 'Uncomment following command to Get Time From Network if Available 'ShellResponse = Shell("Net Time \\IntranetTimeServerName /set /yes", vbMaximizedFocus) 'Write Time to Each Processor For ProcessorNum = 0 To ProcessorNumMax TimeData = Time DateData = Date 'open dde link If DDETopic(ProcessorNum) <> "" Then RSIChan = DDEInitiate("RSLinx", DDETopic(ProcessorNum)) Else GoTo Bypass End If 'Write Data to SLC DataFile = "N" DataElement = 7 DDETarget = DataFile & DataElement & ":60" 'LINE 200 Currently I can write the hour of the day to address of N7:60. I want to write a number 1 - 6 with a button or value entered. 'I also need to wait for 1 second for the data to update on the PLC side before stepping agian. ScratchPad = "[Prouduction Counts.XLSM]" & "Scratch!" & "A1" Range(ScratchPad).Value = Hour(TimeData) 'Range(ScratchPad).Value = Hour(TimeData) DDEPoke RSIChan, DDETarget, Range(ScratchPad) 'Post Minutes 'Select Case ProcType(ProcessorNum) 'Case "SLC" ' DataElement = 41 ' DDETarget = DataFile & ":" & DataElement 'Case "PLC" ' DataElement = 22 ' DDETarget = DataFile & ":" & DataElement ' Case "CLX" ' DataElement = 4 'This asssumes a variable Clock(6) of type Dint exists ' ' and are set by SOR XIC CLOCK_SET_FLAG SSV WALLCLOCKTIME ? DateTime CLOCK_SETTINGS[0] EOR in Logic ' DDETarget = DataFile & "[" & DataElement & "]" ' Case Else ' GoTo Bypass ' End Select 'ScratchPad = "[Prouduction Counts.XLSM]" & "Scratch!" & "B1" 'Range(ScratchPad).Value = Minute(TimeData) ' DDEPoke RSIChan, DDETarget, Range(ScratchPad) 'Post Seconds 'Select Case ProcType(ProcessorNum) ' Case "SLC" ' DataElement = 42 ' DDETarget = DataFile & ":" & DataElement ' Case "PLC" ' DataElement = 23 ' DDETarget = DataFile & ":" & DataElement ' Case "CLX" ' DataElement = 5 'This asssumes a variable Clock(6) of type Dint exists ' and are set by SOR XIC CLOCK_SET_FLAG SSV WALLCLOCKTIME ? DateTime CLOCK_SETTINGS[0] EOR in Logic ' DDETarget = DataFile & "[" & DataElement & "]" 'Case Else ' GoTo Bypass 'End Select 'Close the DDE Communications Channel for This Processor DDETerminate (RSIChan) Bypass: 'Repeat for Next Processor in List Next ProcessorNum 'Move to Home Position Sheet3.Select Range("B2").Select End Sub
  7. VB Script and DDE How do I write a value?

    Forgot to mention that the Excel sheet I attached is using VB script to get the data. If you open the sheet and click the VB editor you can see the code.
  8. VB Script and DDE How do I write a value?

    I am currently using RSLinx classic installed. I have the DDETopic already configured.
  9. I am currently trying to read data from several PLC'S at the same time. I would like to write a one to B141:0/4 then a 0. Basicly similate a push button when running the script. It would be used to select what shifts data would be collected. (1st 2nd and 3rd- yesterday 1st, 2nd and, 3rd) Currently the sheet that is attached is working for retrieval of data. Some how I broke the post clock and machine name function this morning. The sheet is an excell sheet that Bob Lightfoot made up to read and write to plc clocks. I have tried to alter the sheet for my own use. I know nothing about Visual Basic. Just using the example to collect data. Could someone have a look at what I might be doing wrong? I am sure the code is sloppy at best. Kindest regards, Chas Prouduction
  10. Hello, I am in need of a little help with a Fanuc RJ3 Robot. The robot number is S-430i. I am having trouble getting the devicenet up and running. My scanner card number is SST 5136-DNP-104. Mother board is full slot. The problem I am having is when I connect 24VDC to the card to power the devicenet. I get a error DNET-119 Dup. MAC Ack Fault. I have nothing else conected to the scanner card. When I do not have 24vdc connected I get Error DNET-114 Bus fault error detected and Error DNET-084 Board reset failed. I have 2 boards with the same results. Both boards are attached to the same mother board in different slots. Both boards have the right light on steady. The comm light is always off. What would cause this and what needs to be done to correct it? I read the manuel Panic Mode posted and followed all the steps. This was originally setup and configured at a GM plant. We bought it at auction in hopes of using it. It has a medar weld controller for the spot weld gun. How else can I have the robot fire two valves and the welder if the devicenet turns out to be no good? Thanks in advance for all replys in getting this robot going. Kindest Regards, Charlie
  11. Need Help with Medar 3005 and SLC 5/03

    Thanks for the help. I made a work around by always keeping SCR 1 high while the contactor is in. If SCR 2 is called SCR1 goes low. Kindest regards, Charlie
  12. Hello, I need a point in the right direction. I have a medar card software version T93300-00-20 and an allen bradley SLC 5/03. I added a cascade card to the system and now I get shorted WCU#00 and Breaker tripped. I only get the fault if the isolation contactor is closed and I have no SCR selected. How can I get around this? I want to have the isolation contactor closed during a machine cycle and select the SCR and weld schedule as needed during machine cycle. It would apper that the Medar card wants voltage signal when ever the contactor is closed and the scr is selected. If the contactor comes in and no scr is selected I get the faults. If I hold the SCR high until the contactor goes low I have no problems. I do no not want to cycle the contactor in and out every weld but want to have it closed for 15 seconds. If the machine cycles within the 15 seconds the contactor stays closed. I have attached the program for review. Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress. The current ladder file I am working on is ladder 4 LH Function. Kindest Regards, Charlie WP IN HOUSE 8-3-10.RSS
  13. Thanks for the replys, The cost of a PC at each machine is not feasable. What about using the panelview for a password and logging the login? This way you could go to histery and see who performed the reset. Is this possible and does someone have an example of code to do it? Thanks, chas183
  14. I am looking for input on intergrating a fingerprint reader with an allen bradley PLC 5/02. The plant manager wants to install a reader for every machine on the floor. If the machine reaches a fault condition it will stop. The only way to reset the machine will to swip your finger across the finger print reader. If you are one of the stored users it will reset the machine and continue operation. Any input at all on how to do this is appreciated. Kindest Regards, chas183
  15. Automation Riddle

    What about magnetism. Are the rebar magnetec in any way? chas