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  1. Micrologix 1500 and email

    hi all, newbie here so please be gentle! I am not a programmer, i am actually an "end user" looking for some help We currently have a micrologix 1500 connected to a pc on site and using pcanywhere can access the PLC and get the data we require, however, we are now looking to roll out our production models and need a better way of accessing and recording data from each machine we sell. Ideally we would like to be able to connect the PLC to a GSM modem and have the PLC send us an email at regulor intevals giving us the data so we can store it for future use. Question is, can our current PLC do this with added hardware (modem) OR do we need to look at a different PLC, I have tried speaking to Rockwell but they put me onto Westermo who havent been able to answer the question, any suggetions would really be appreciated. Many thanks in advance