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  1. You ever figured out how to communicate with Powerfocus or Power mac via EthernetIP?

    You have any add on instructions?



    -Angel Valdez


  2. Need explanation

    I'm using an FX3s PLC and had same issue. Above comments helped me as well. Thank you very much.
  3. I need help SSI Encoder with Micrologix 1400

    Thanks guys... I'm realizing the same things here. Called into Rockwell and I have them shacking their heads why they don't have something available since they sell the SSI Encoder as well. I'll post any feedback they give me.
  4. I need help SSI Encoder with Micrologix 1400

    As I research this more and more trying to will this to work with out that card(I'm stubborn) I found this wiki info on it. Looks like the communication of the Data and Clock is done via RS-422/485. Going to lead my self down this path see what happens. Will post results either way. The engineer in me won't let it go even though smarter people are telling me to get the card lol thanks again
  5. I need help SSI Encoder with Micrologix 1400

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate the feedback.
  6. High Speed Counter Input for Micrologix 1000

    The Micro 1000 doesn't have any HS Inputs. You will have to upgrade to 1100 or above, but when you do Its just like any other input 24vdc sinking or sourcing. good luck
  7. I have a project where I need to use an SSI Absolute Encoder with a Micrologix 1400 PLC. I've never done this and need help. The SSI have a Clock and Data signals that are different from anything I've ever used. 1.Can it be done using the HSC inputs? 2. I found an AMCI card I could use but I am trying to keep everything AB and in the Micro Family. 3. I don't want to use Gray Scale encoders because of the number of Inputs I have to use. Trying to package a small enclosure and don't much room left. 4. AB sells an SSI encoder but they don't have any info on hooking up to anything other than Point IO module.(kills my budget) Thanks and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. ~Angel
  8. AB Micrologics and Absolute encoder

    Even though this post is 9 years old I wanted to say it helped me find my way. Thanks.

    CHANDRU, If you're company doesn't have any PLC's and you are going to be putting in your first one I would recomend that you DON'T use AB PLC's at all. I've been programing AB's for about 15 years now and its been VERY costly for everycompany that I've worked for. You almost need a liscence for each PLC type!! The cost is too high for the software and hardware in my opinion. There are a lot of other PLC's that are just as reliable that can do the job such as Keyence, Automation direct, CTC, Mitsubishi, and much more. There are also company's that sell PC I/O boards with Ladder logix software INCLUDED you just have to know some VB.Net or VC.Net. Besides AB PLC's stay aways from Omron, and Siemens.