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  1. Need help reading 4-20ma pressure transducer

    I am regulating air pressure in a pressure vessel. When filling, let's say from 0-70psi I want the valve to open 100% and gradually strict the flow so it does not get over pressured above 80psi. Once it's pressurized to 80psi I need to maintain it with a tolerance of +-10% anywhere from 1-24hrs. If in case the pressure goes above 10% the proportional valve opens and vents it out gradually and maintains air pressure. I spoke with my local AB distributor and he's setting me up with the material list. I know this is a difficult project and I appreciate all inputs. I'm also buying the Process Control Solutions book by John Shaw. Thanks, TioPaeng
  2. I have an AB 1500 LSP and I need to maintain a steady pressure of 80psi +- 10% from an analog 4-20ma pressure tansducer. I also have a 4-20ma output proportional vent valve to exhaust pressure. Can anybody please help me out on this project. I'm a newbie and this is my first project. Appreciate all your help, Thank You, TioPaeng

    Thanks for info, I'm trying to install a 4-20ma vacuum transducer and when it detects a vacuum drop it will send out an alarm and turn the other backup vacuum on. Is this possible with the Zen? Thanks for the fast reply, TioPaeng

    I've been playing with this little PLC and it's not bad at all just to do basic relay functions. My question is if the Omron Zen is capable of reading 4-20ma devices? Thanks, TioPaeng