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  1. FX-64MR

    This machine don't use hmi.and stand alone if you  see the ladder ,it seems there is no problem?.that will make me sure,that i didnot lose step in the ladder.and save for me to force off if power on.
  2. FX-64MR

    ok,thank u for your helping me. On this screen short , red rectangle my ladder we find M517 (NC) ,but i can't find where is coil (or Source)M517 i trace step by step , i never know where is this source(m517).
  3. FX-64MR

    i think this realy loss ,or missing step, i can't fine m517 on any where in ladder, on intruction cmp,mov bit,etc. fx64mt.rar miss.bmp
  4. FX-64MR

    So ....i am loss ladder on step between  222 to 224?.if true..,this broken from download process ,or hide by owner program,...or may be...this step saved on eeprom?.
  5. FX-64MR

    I don,t know what hapen,..(i can't explain).with replace cable serial to usb bafo with profilix.(adapter serial to usb). My sc09 out to pc is rs232(db9). I can complate read from plc until end prog. Thank your attention for solve my problem.but way on step 222 (red cyrcle) like brake rung. Its nomar or not?. 
  6. FX-64MR

    In my chase...after power plc on, and machine run properly. Then i make new project and choose fxu/fx2c on gx dev..,afther that ,i online then read from plc..and proccess upload from plc to my pc.but i can't get complate, always brake on step 1304.  What wrong on my proccessing upload from this plc?.
  7. FX-64MR

    Ok thank,u ,to day i try upload to my pc with fx2c, and proccess stop on step 1304 ,what hapen, never complate to upload to pc?. Can i upload to pc without eeprom place in fx plc?.in my case this plc without eeprom,but have battery on there.
  8. FX-64MR

    sorry i mean fx(just FX), not fx0,fx1s..,how to download leader FX plc (FX-64MR) to my PC, can i used fx2c plc type?
  9. FX-64MR

    My gx not suport for fx  and on plc don't have eeprom. I don't know, this from machine not include eeprom ,but have battery on there. or eeprom loose from plc.
  10. FX-64MR

    Never Succes Upload from PLC to MEDOC v2.4, always brake on step 1302,always have massage invalid intruction found. Upload from PLC to PC ..never done,succes full.Please help me,,what happen?.
  11. step 1304 too big can't upload medoc to plc

    i tray with new medoc 2.4 step 1304 change like this what the meaning ILLEGL?
  12. step 1304 too big can't upload medoc to plc

    yes this original from plc and run well before.Medoc version 1.64b  FX-0906-046 and  this file program from FX-64MR. I just need for Download this fike to my new FX-64MR  and to read this on leader program. fx64mr.rar
  13. step 1304 too big can't upload medoc to plc

    This is upload from plc with old medoc, and file i have soure from plc. Can helpme for converting instruction to leader program,in my medoc i can't read this intruction(step 1304) on leader.  
  14. In fx-64mr ,used medoc, i found instruction like pic,icant read on leader program, and found error if test, error is step 1304 too if i want to upload from medoc file to plc have error invalid intruction. How to read intruction in leader and how to uploaded this file to fx-plc. Note: this file i get from fx-plc. I am download via medoc(plc to medoc).
  15. Dear All i have problem with Melsec PM-120M mitshubisi, this can't runing and i need manual guide,hardware manual,or anyting for repair this plc. what is programming tools for repair this plc.