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  1. Monitoring a plant - First steps! (WinCC flexible)

    Hi Jesper, thanks for the reply. I guess i'll use the pci card you mencioned (5611). I'll post here any doubts, questions, about this small project. Best regards, Filipe
  2. Hi all, i work in a small plant with 4 (relevant) machines. I would like to install a PC for monitoring the machines and control some parameters of those. And of course, i would like to do it the cheaper way. According to the configuration that i have right now (figure), i was thinking in a MPI network. What do you guys think? Could i use a PC/MPI cable to connect the supervision PC to the network? or should i buy the PCI card ? I have wincc flexible advanced, 2 PC/Mpi adapters, profibus cable and connectors. Should i buy something else? Thanks in advance! Filipe, Portugal
  3. Incremental encoder & CPM1A

    Hi all, i am making some tests with a cpm1a and an incremental encoder (E6B2 500P/r) i've configured the cpm1a do use the high speed counter in Incrementing mode, so i'm using just the A phase on input 000.00. The manual says that on incremental mode the máx count frequency is 5.0 kHz. So.. if my encoder gives me 500 pulses per revolution, i should be able to count 10 complete revolutions in a second? I tryed something like this: ----||(0.0)-----------@inc dm200 ...but it just worked with very very very low speed on the encoder... so, i guess i'm a bit confused with this high speed counter. Thanks in advance
  4. RS485

    just a note: you can request free samples of max232 and max485 at Maxim IC. and also free microchip PICs from Microchip.
  5. RS 232 Port Share over TCP/IP on Windows

    Hi, try ReMapPro, from Labtam,Inc LabTam Inc There is a demo available for 60 minutes usage... Hope it will help..
  6. SK20 as light controller

    Hi, here you have a sample code to use a single button as a flip-flop, provided by Sleepy Wombat. About the master OFF button you just have to put it serial with the other inputs..
  7. Hi, i'm looking for a new notebook, but it seems that it's not easy to find a notebook with COM port nowdays (at least in Europe...). They all suggest port replicators. I never tryed a usb port replicator to interface with a plc... Does anyone tryed it? Thanks, Luis
  8. Buy & Sell

    ooops... i forgot to check the "Ads" section, i thought it was for jobs only.. Thanks a lot, chakorules
  9. Buy & Sell

    Hi, I know this can't be a buy & sell forum, i just want to know where can i sell some omron plc parts. do you guys know some forum for that? Thanks in advance, Luis
  10. CQM1H + Siemens frequency inverter

    Hi Sleepy Wombat, thanks for replying.. Yes, the adjustment is proportional to the speed.
  11. CQM1H + Siemens frequency inverter

    Hi!! I have a cqm1h with a nt11 controlling a tissue machine. The main speed of the machine is controlled with a ControlTechniques frequency inverter, with a potentiometer (1) connected that is used by the operator to choose the speed. The cqm1 is controlling the pneumatic system, basically. In the NT11 (and the plc, or course), i have (with the help of teh high speed counter) the speed of the cilinders, tissues per minute, etc etc There is also a (small) Siemens frequency inverter that controls a small ac motor that must be tunned according to the speed of the main motor (with a potentiometer (2) ). So, the operator: 1- start machine and choose main speed (1) 2- wait until the machine reach the desired speed (it takes a bit... much inercia) 3- according to the main speed, he must "fine tune" the small motor (2) Well, it's a "2nd hand" machine, and the company received it last week. I was thinking of avoiding the 2nd potentiometer and use and analog output on the PLC connected the the analog input of the small frequency inverter (0...+10V). What do you think about it? Anyone expirienced with same problem? Or should i think in another solution? Like changing the inverter to a Omron inverter and connect it to the PLC by another method? Thanks in advance! Luis Teixeira Portugal
  12. CPM2A Communication with smartcard interface RS232

    it's me, i was not logged in, sorry.
  13. Hi, i'm working on a college project, and i'm trying to use a smartcard interface and a smartcard connected to the RS232 port of the PLC for control access, and storing some data information. Does someone ever trying something like this? What kind of interface would you recommend? Thanks!