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  1. "instabilities” in function CTBL

    Jay, thanks for you advice Iwill try Evgeny
  2. "instabilities” in function CTBL

    Hi Jay, I've got your reply but, as a matter of fact, I don't use diferential mode. I tried to use the Pulse+direction input mode or the Up/Down input mode.The input frequancy is not more than 1.5 khz Don't you think that the problem can be connected with the "min Cycle Time”? Or may be the problem is with the hardwear? Evgeny
  3. "instabilities” in function CTBL

    Hi Jay, I have read your comments but if you have noticed there is no” the same target value” for two directions. Increment direction: DM1 – 6080 DM19 – 1600 DM22 – 2800 DM25 – 4000 DM28 – 5200 DM31 – 6000 Decrement direction: DM4 – 900 DM7 – 2000 DM10 – 3200 DM13 – 4400 DM17 – 5600 DM36 – 0 Can there be some other reason? Evgeny
  4. "instabilities” in function CTBL

    In the process of work, we found out that there are “ instabilities” in function CTBL. Out of 12 comparisons, the first one and the last one (most frequently) do not function (sometimes but not always !!!) . I changed the “min Cycle Time” to 20 ms and the dysfunction happens less frequently but still it happens sometimes. Why do the dysfunction happen and what is its nature? If I did everything correct or I should have done something else? What else can I do? I use: CPM 2A Encoder 1000pulse/rev I would be very grateful for your help. Evgeny Mefozer_bazek_line1_T_2L.cxp
  5. Nt-panel + Drive

    Sorry again, one more file 1111.onw
  6. Nt-panel + Drive

    I failed to send file 0000.cxp
  7. Nt-panel + Drive

    Here are two questions that I have. Any help is welcomed While changing frequency from touch panel NT31C-V2 ,I can't get the same numbers on the screen Thunbwheel Switch and on the screen Drive( Yaskawa). I am not friendly enough with date conversion.I used"SCL (66)" too. This didn't help.The difference between Thunbwheel Switch and Drive is considerable and it changes not linearly. If it's possible to make the bit 0.00/0.01 be in the mode "on" till the touch "switch up/down" is pressed? If Yes, then how?
  8. To Make It More Convenient

    Thank you Jay (Mr.Know All), It's a real pleasure to deal with you. Next time I'll buy the newest model of whatever I need Evgeny
  9. To Make It More Convenient

    My configuration includes :CPM 2A, PV NT-20s, CIF-01. If I can program PV without disconnecting it from controller but directly trough the existing connection: PC-CIF01-Controller-PV? I use CX-Progr 2.1, NT series support tool 4.6 Windows 2000 Evgeny