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  1. compolet 2003

    which one you choose for your VS2010, windows form or web base? cause if you use web base, i'm afraid it cannot. u can add by choose items in toolbox, then go to COM Component, then pick OMRON SYSMAC C Control, OMRON SYSMAC CS1 Control, OMRON SYSMAC CV Control. btw, i use compolet 2.11. I hope it similar with compolet 2003. i hope this will help Regards Surya
  2. OMRON activex for (web base)

    hi... i need to know, is there any OMRON activex which could run in C# base, cause i want to make my own HMI using web base. I have try compolet version 2.11 but it cannot run in thanx Surya
  3. Open Network Controller

    hi... I just know a device called OMRON Open Network Controller. I want to ask, if i use this device can i create a web base program for my SCADA? Cause i read the brochure, this ONC can use VB or java for make webbase program. Thank you for your help Best Regards Surya
  4. ASP.Net

    thank for your help, I will try this. I hope I can make my own SCADA by APS.Net.
  5. ASP.Net

    Hello everyone, I have a project for I want to make my own SCADA for OMRON using ASP.Net with c#. Can someone help me with my problem? Thank you very much. Best Regards Surya
  6. Is OMRON have AS Interface Module?

    Hi, I have a question about OMRON Does OMRON have a AS-Interface module ? Because i think its more effective using AS-i cable. thank you Best Regards Surya
  7. Hi... Could someone help me how to explain this protocol to OMRON (especially with CX Protocol) @ @01489999994D* with delay between @ is 0.1-0.3 seconds Or someone have already work with Weighing Indicator CS from Paglierani before, please help me.... Thank you very much
  8. Uploading from NT2S-SF121B EV2

    i'm using NT2S program version 1.00 okey, i better try to upgrade my version. thanx for your help
  9. Uploading from NT2S-SF121B EV2

    Hi everyone... i need somehelp, i have NT2S-SF121B EV2 which already had a program in it i want to upload the program, because i don't have the source but when i uploading the program, it always fail the NT2S LCD display blank, then PLC link lost occur in the LCD display. is there any protection in it? thank for your help
  10. terminator for CJ1W-DRM21

    Hi.... I need some help, does anyone know what is the type for terminator CJ1W-DRM21? thank you
  11. barcode with code 39

    hai... i need some help, does anyone know how to read barcode in code 39? i use cx protocol but i can't found how to read the data i have placed '*' (2A hex) in header and terminator but i still can't get the data? i use Barcode PSC QS1000 if somebody have experience on it although not using cx protocol (use TX-RX), please help me thank you very much
  12. K3HB communication setting help needed

    as i know, FLK3B is rs485 connection or maybe those is using same protocol. because i can't find the system protocol in CX-protocol that says "Modbus", only CompoWay/F i using CJ1M with SCU41 port 2 (RS485) and it has no problem
  13. OMRON AL 004

    someone please help me... i have omron AL 004 Link Adapter but i don't have the manual book of it i want to ask about the pin configuration of RS422 from this device could someone help me??? thanx
  14. Activex or dll for C# .net

    hi... i used sysmac compolet v2.0 to communicate between VB6/ C#2005 and omron Regards Surya
  15. Ethernet Network (CJ1, C200HX, RsView32)

    hi.. do you mean AB OPC server is KEPServerEnterprise? i used KEPServerEnterprise and it very easy to communicate with RSView32 for C200HX which using common serial ethernet converter i never tried it do u use those converter on both side or one side?