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  1. Thanks Leon. I will try this some other time. I have already made separate sections for simulation and real values and the test goes fine. Regards Darko
  2. Actually, I have tried to make a section that is first in the section tree (so I suppose that it will execute first) but it did not work. Now I have changed that section ("simulation") to write to the tags that I have mapped to the analogue inputs and made the section that is reading form the real analog inputs ("AI_Update") to run on a condition (if the simulate bit is 0). I have also made a screen that I can use for simulation. Of course, I plan to remove the simulate section at the end. This solves my problem for now. The other thing that I would like to say is that this is my first experience with Unity. Before this, once I have worked on PL7 from Schneider PLC's. I can say that I am impressed with the capabilities of the software. This is the best one I have used so far (I am not talking here about the price, i dont know it my company has the licence). I reccomend it to anyone.
  3. Hi to all I am working on my very first Quantum project with Unity Pro. So far I have managed to solve all my troubles but tis one i can't by my self. I am conected to the PLC (Hot standby CPU 671 60 with one non redundant I/O rack) and I am running the program. I have many around 20 AI and i want to simulate them. I have seen that in the manual of the Unity I/O management library there are function blocks that can be used as simulation for the inputs so I wanted to make a section with the simulation of the AI's. I have tried to simulate analogue value like this (I am using FBD editor): 4000 -> WRITE_INPUT_INT -> %IW1 The value of %IW1 stays zero after run. I need to simulate several sensors at once, but the i have limited loop calibrators and I would prefer not to change the original code too much. I am also using the ACI040 function blocks to configure the analogue inputs, but i dont think that it makes difference because I have tried with disabling the section with ACI040 and the value of %IW1 does not change. Has anyone used this function? If so I would appriciate some help Regards Darko
  4. Proficy Machine Edition demo CD

    Hallo I will start my new job in November this year in a EU company that uses GE PLCs. I have previous experience with Omron and Hitachi PLC and I want to get a grip with the FAnuc PLC programming software before I start my work. I have read the this post for Proficy ME Demo version so I thought someone might help. Since I live in Macedonia and there is no official GE distributor i can't request demo version. I have tried to put request through GE web site, but when I complete the form and press the submit button, the page always returns me some error with their database, so this option is out. Is it possible for somebody to post the demo version for downloading? THX
  5. Hitachi Pro-H manual

    I posted the Pro H manual at the download section You can find it on http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?autocom=downloads&showfile=717
  6. ProH11_001.PDF



    Hitachi PRO-H Manual
  7. File Name: ProH11_001.PDF File Submitter: darkogorgievski File Submitted: 8 Jun 2007 File Category: Tutorials and Guides Hitachi PRO-H Manual Click here to download this file
  8. Using inverters od bridge cranes

    Thanks for suggestions. I have learned things I didn't know they exist (anti sway). Anyway why Hitachi Sj300 inverters have break control option and you can configure the release and brake times as you like so I think PLC won't be necessary. About the output sine filter - will it be necessary to use shielded power cables if you use sine filter? The length of the cables from the control box to the motor is more than 30 meters. Or maybe better solution is to put the control box near the motor? What about the vibrations that exist while moving the crane? Can I expect some other problems except maybe loosening of the cable connections?
  9. Conecting Wonderware Intouch with CX Server OPC

    I haven't read this topic for a while and I wil explain what I have done. The InTouch version that was on site was older version 7 and in the I/O servers there was no ethernet server. I have purchased Ingear Omron OPC server and configured it and it works for two years till now.
  10. Hallo I am planning to improve the automation of electric crane so I will try to explain in few words my ideas. If anybody has expirience with this please advice and correct. The crane has three induction motors with winded rotors (not squirrel cage) : 75 kW for lifting load 55W for forward/backwards movement of the bridge 7.5kW for left/right motion of the hook. I am planning to keep the existing motors, that are started and breaked with switching resistor packs in the rotor circuit, and use frequency inverters with vector control (Hitachi SJ300 series) for driving the motors. Theese inverters have break control option and starting torque >200%. To do this I must short circuit the rotor windings - I plan to do it on the junction box of the motor. Also breaking resistors will be necessary for the application Has any of you done this, and what problems should I expect? THX
  11. Hitachi Pro-H manual

    Can anybody tell me where can I find Hitachi Pro - H user manual or some training materials? All I can find on the web is "Getting started guide" Thanks
  12. CPM2C-CN111 Pin out

    I think that you cannot use both ports simultaneously (I read this in the manual). If you are doing so it may cause problim Regards
  13. Wonderware InTouch RS232

    The C40H is working and it is connected through 9 pin port on which the ground is connected to pin 7. Process SCADA is comunicating with it. It stays in function. On the new PLC CJ1M cpu11 there is uppgrade of the automation procces. I wrote code in VB (hopefully to make ActiveX component from it) to communicate with CCTV device from the SCADA I tried to communicate with the CCTV device with standard (GND = pin 5) cable. Becouse I didn't manage to establish communication I tried the same VB application on CJ1M CPU11 with cable with GND on pin 9 in order to see if the com LED on the PLC will blink. As it didn't happen I assume I have done some mistake in the VB code, and the commands are not exiting through my port. Thanks Darko
  14. Wonderware InTouch RS232

    I wrote some code in VB but I didn't see any trafic to my port. Private Sub Command1_Click() MSComm1.Settings = "9600,n,8,1" MSComm1.PortOpen = True MSComm1.Output = Chr(HFF) & Chr(H55) & Chr(8) Text1.Text = MSComm1.OutBufferCount Text2.Text = MSComm1.OutBufferSize Text3.Text = MSComm1.CommEvent MSComm1.PortOpen = False End Sub I tried with another cable that i use to connect to PLC controllers and that I know is good and I don't see the comm LED on my PLC blink. Could you suggest something else, perhaps using some other component (I would like it to be free)? I have heard something about having trouble to set MSComm in XP. I attached the protocol Regards Darko PROTOCOL.zip
  15. Wonderware InTouch RS232

    The existing PLC is C40H. But I am planning another PLC to integrate the CCTV, for example CJ11. There I have another probvlem, I didn't maqnage to set the peripherial port to work in hostlink and the Wonderware has only hostlink IO server